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Affordable Bronzing with L’oreal Glam Bronze

Affordable Bronzing with L’oreal Glam Bronze

I’m very pale so I always need some sort of bronzer or contour shade to add some color and dimension to my face. I always have a hard time finding a bronzer that is cool toned but most of the ones I try are warmed […]

6 Places On My Travel Wish List

6 Places On My Travel Wish List

I love to get away. I don’t really care if it’s to another country, to the other end of the country, or a few hours away. Being able to travel, even if it’s only for a weekend is also so nice and relaxing and I […]

10 Things I’m Looking Forward To In My 30’s

10 Things I’m Looking Forward To In My 30’s

For the last few years, people have been telling me how devastated they were when they turned 30 and how it will probably hit me hard too. I finally turned 30 yesterday and I have to say that I’m actually pretty damn excited about entering my 30’s. Although I’ve officially been an adult for a while now and I have two kids (9 and 6 year olds) and I have a house and a car and all that other adult stuff, I always felt…young for my age. Being a young mom, I sometimes felt…judged for my age. I have always been the youngest one at all my jobs which always made me feel like a kid or like I was playing pretend-adult. There’s something satisfying about being able to say that I’m in my 30’s now and I’m looking forward to this part of my life and seeing what it has in store for me. Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to in my 30’s.

10 Things I’m Looking Forward To In My 30’s:

Learn a new hobby:

I really want to take up a new hobby, not anything too crazy but something simple and de-stressing like knitting or cross-stitching or even playing around with watercolors.

Eat healthier:

I have really been trying my best to eat healthier in the past year and it definitely shows since I’ve already gone down from a size 14 to a size 6, but I do still have my craving attacks or those few days or weeks where I either crave unhealthy food or I get lazy to make healthier food. Once I get into the habit of eating healthier, it’s easier to stick with it so I just want to do a better job of it.

Exercise consistently:

I’ve been doing a lot of exercising lately, whether it’s running, riding my bike, going to the gym or doing T25. I do have this bad habit of overdoing it then I have to take a break…which sometimes ends up taking a week or two. I want to be able to get in the habit of exercising consistently at least 3 days a week, but not stressing too much about it if I don’t.

Make time for myself:

I always struggle with finding time for myself. Between kids and chores and running errands and the toddler I take care of, at the end of the day I usually fall asleep instead of reading like I used to. My reading has decreased dramatically and I really miss it. I also need to make time to watch a few movies or tv shows once in a while.


Last year we didn’t get to go anywhere and it sucked. I really hope we get to travel more from now on, even if it’s not a full on vacation. I always love going out on weekend trips even if it’s just going camping or to the lake.

Learn how to make new recipes:

Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, it’s so easy to learn how to make new recipes. I wouldn’t actually say that I enjoy cooking, but with a family of four it’s definitely a necessity that I have to do every day, a few times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and it’s no fun eating the same few things over and over. I’ve tried a bunch of new recipes this past year but I want to try so many more. I want to learn how to make more soups, Chinese food and even desserts.

Focus on real friends:

I’m all about quality over quantity and the same has also been true when it comes to friendships in my life. I’ve always had a few good friends (some I still talk to) but with blogging it’s so easy to make acquaintances and it’s sometimes hard to realize who is your real friend. I’m done with trying to force myself on people who aren’t really my friends and am happy to keep the real few friends I have.

Embracing my age:

Like I said before, I’m actually excited about being 30. Being in denial will not make me be 30 years old so I don’t really see the point in it.

Find my style:

I love clothes, but I kind of fell out of love with clothes when I gain some weight the past few years. I was wearing a lot of black and gray and lose tops and just nothing very cute. Now I’ve really been breaking out of my shell and buying clothes with color in it, cute tops, shorts and even dresses and bathing suits. I want to wear more skirts, shorts, dresses and more colors in general while keeping it age appropriate but also fun and stylish.

Take better care of my health:

I hate anything having to do with doctors or doctor appointments for me personally. I will not hesitate to take my kids to the doctors but when it comes to myself, I’m a bit lazy about it. Now that I’m older I really need to start going to my checkups and all that other boring adult stuff.

What are your favorite things about being 30? Or what are you looking forward to in your 30’s?

The AM/PM Routine Tag

The AM/PM Routine Tag

I love beauty tags and I’ve been trying to find more to do (let me know if you know of any fun ones). I first saw this tag on Wear Daisy Went’s blog and I’ve been wanting to do my own, so I tagged myself. […]

5 Ways to Make Blogging Easier

5 Ways to Make Blogging Easier

Blogging can be very time-consuming. Between writing the actual posts, taking pictures for your posts, coming up with ideas for your post, sharing all your posts on social media, replying to comments and going through your blog feed to comment yourself, you can very well […]

10 Things To Do Before Going To Bed

10 Things To Do Before Going To Bed

I’m the type of person that needs a routine, or else my life can be chaos. When it comes to my night-time routine, sometimes I do a really good job at sticking to my routine. I wash my face, moisturize, read a little, take a long shower, etc. I will go a few weeks doing everything I should be doing at night (in terms of my routine). But then there are other days when I can get into the bad habit of just going straight to bed without any of the other steps first. Once I start, it’s easy to break out of that bad habit. This month has been a little bit crazy and I got lazy about washing my face every night and my skin has suffered for it. I got some new skin care products recently and I wanted to make sure that I started a night-time routine again, not just to make sure that the products work correctly, but to have a better nights sleep. Here are a few things I like to do before going to bed at night.

10 Things To Do Before Going To Bed:

Wash your face

I never realized until this past year how important it is to wash your face every night. I don’t just mean removing your makeup, but making sure to moisturize, put on add cream, maybe a toner or even a face mask if you have the time. I admit that this is one of my least favorite things to do each night, but I still make myself take the time to do it.


For some reason, reading in bed makes me so sleepy, which is why I never read in bed if I’m not planning on going to sleep anything soon. I usually only get to read a few chapters when I read in bed at night before falling asleep, even if the book is really good.

Listen to an audiobook

If reading doesn’t put you to sleep, listening to an audiobook (or music) is also another good option. I usually like to listen to audiobooks while setting up my blog posts the night before. I like the calming effect audiobooks have on me.

Watch ONE episode of a TV show

My boyfriend and I always watch an episode before going to sleep. It’s become a habit of ours, watch a show and turn off the TV once it’s over. Right now we are currently watching Bob’s Burgers or King of the Hill before bed. A light and fun TV show may be a better option than something intense…

Pick your outfit for the next day

Since I’m a stay at home mom right now, this doesn’t really apply to me, but I do make sure to pick my kids outfit for school every night. It saves so much time to do this at night and have everything else ready including a sweater, shoes, homework, snacks, etc.

Take a long bath or shower

I love to shower at night, there’s nothing better than taking a hot shower and being able to lay down after. When I shower during the day, it usually has to be a fast shower while the baby is asleep, so night showers are my favorite.

Make a do-list for the next day

I am all about lists. I make a list for everything! Groceries I need, books I want to read, audiobooks I want to listen to, makeup I want to buy, things I need to do. Having a list of things I know I have to do the next day is great so that I don’t have to try to remember the following morning, especially since I have a terrible memory.

Set up your blog post for the next day

I always try to set up my blog posts the night before, whenever I have the time. My morning are pretty crazy between having to get two girls ready for school, drop them off and pick up the little boy I babysit on the way back. The last thing I want to do after all that is set up a blog post, so I really try my best to do it the night before.

Set some time aside to write a few thoughts about your day

I really love this Reflection journal from Typo. It has a question for each day, for 3 years and it takes no time to answer the question is the slot provided and really helps me reflect on my day.

Silent your phone

I always make sure I silent my phone every night before I even lay down, even if I’m not ready to go to sleep yet. I also move it away from my bed and usually set it on the floor so I’m not tempted to get it. Between 3 email accounts, social media notifications, and text notifications my phone can buzz quite a lot during the night and I hate hearing the vibrating noise…then wondering what or who it was so silent is the best option for me for fewer distractions.

Do you do any of these steps before going to bed? What else do you like to do before going to bed?

Things That Made Me Happy (5)

Things That Made Me Happy (5)

Last week was a pretty good week, all things considered. I had a major headache these last few days because I was dealing with hosting and domain issues and my old host was being super unhelpful. What should have taken only a few minutes ended […]

Things That Made Me Happy 2

Things That Made Me Happy 2

I had a headache that lasted 8 days, needless to say I was in a crappy mood last week. I’m determined to still focus on the positives so instead of bitching about how crappy my headache was, I’m gonna share a few things that made […]

One-Piece Swimwear Can Be SEXY!

One-Piece Swimwear Can Be SEXY!

I’ve never been completely comfortable in bathing suits, even before I had my two kids. Even though I’ve lost some weight in the last few months, I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable enough in a two piece bikini. It wasn’t until last year that I felt comfortable enough to wear a one piece that I realized that there were some really cute and sexy ones out there! The one from last year fits too big now so I’m currently on the hunt for a new one.

I want one with a fun and wild print, and shaping lines make a world of difference in slimming your figure. Cutouts add a whole level of sexiness as well as lace and mesh inserts. I would like one with a skirt, but not one that looks like an old lady bikini (you know the one). I found a really cute one at Target, but the last one I got there ended up fading a bit with the chlorine so I think this year I’m gonna invest on a nicer quality one.

Out of these, my favorite ones are the first and last on the second row. Which one is your favorite? Do you go for a two-piece or do you rock the hell out of a two-piece?

The Weekly Recap & Favorite Posts Round Up 2

The Weekly Recap & Favorite Posts Round Up 2

Lately, I feel like each week is busier than the last. Especially now that school is out and my kids and I are home all day, and my new nanny job, life has been hectic. Hectic but fun. I only wish I had a few […]