Things That Made Me Happy 2

I had a headache that lasted 8 days, needless to say I was in a crappy mood last week. I’m determined to still focus on the positives so instead of bitching about how crappy my headache was, I’m gonna share a few things that made me happy last week instead.

Things That Made Me Happy…

Once again, my house is clean (as of right now). I seriously do not know how my house can get so messy. Maybe it’s the fact that we are home almost all day because when I used to work from 7am-6pm it was never this messy…or maybe it’s the fact that I have 3 kids in the house most of the time, sometimes more if my nieces or my kids friends are over. Anyway, it’s always like an impossible game of catch up to keep this clean which feels harder since I have a two story house so I have to clean downstairs AND upstairs. But, right now my house is clean and that makes me feel so much more relaxed.

My girls birthday party is this weekend and I have some cute ideas to try for their cake. They want a Tsum Tsum cake and they don’t make those anywhere so I went on Pinterest and found a few ideas I can try. They can turn out great, like the Minion cupcakes I did for them a few years ago…or they could be huge epic fails but oh well, I’m excited to try them out anyway.

I moved around my ‘spare room yesterday, I used to have a big desk blocking the only good window that I could use for pictures for my blog and now that that is out of the way, it’s much brighter in the room and pictures come out brighter and whiter. I’ve only taken a few, but I’m looking forward to taking more this week.

I cleaned up my bookcases yesterday! This my not seem like a big deal but I have four big bookcases (with 6 shelves each) and over 800 books on them so it takes time to fix them up. I have officially run out of room so I was keeping my newer books in my spare room or on my desk or any other place I could find. But I tried to fix them up on my shelves and stacked them horizontally on top of my other books. They don’t look that nice but they look better than before. I’m actually itching to organize them by color but I think that would take me waaaaay too long… and I’m kind of lazy.

I got a few more Colourpop eye shadows and a Ultra Satin Lipstick from my sister and I loooove them. Colourpop products may very well be my newest obsession.

I got a yoga mat. I have been doing a different T25 workout than the one I normally do, but I needed a mat for it, I was trying to do it without it anyway but my tailbone was hurting and I would get rugburn on my elbows and knees. I got a cute pink mat this weekend and I can’t wait to try it out.

I’m wearing my glasses more. I got lasik a few years ago, but lately my vision has been getting bad again (although not nearly as bad as it used to be) but I do need glasses to drive. I’m not used to wearing my glasses and I felt a bit self conscious about them since I used to wear contacts before, but I’ve been really liking my glasses lately more and more.

What are some things that made you happy recently?

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