A Few Things I’ve Learned In 28 Years

Confession: I wrote this post a few months ago and forgot to post it. Since I turn 29 today, I thought better late than never ?

1. You never leave high school. Not really. There are cliques everywhere you go. College,the workplace, the blogging community… *sigh*
2. No matter how much you plan, chances are your life will be very different than what you planned for it 10 or 20 years ago.
3. The best music was in 1999 and 2000.
4. A good book or a good song is the cure for almost anything.
5. Sleep is precious. If you have the chance to nap, take it! Trust me, you’ll regret it later.
6. Applying makeup doesn’t have to take 50 steps or take 20 different products to achieve ‘the look.’ Makeup should make you look prettier, not like a different person.
7. Some people will always find ways to cheat to get ahead in life. You don’t have to be one of them.
8. Holding grudges benefits no one. Least of all you.
9. Yoga pants are one of the best pieces of fashion ever invented.
10. You’re NEVER too old for Disney movies! (My dad is in his 60’s and he loves the Disney/Pixar movies. He doesn’t even speak English but he understand it and he definitely gets the ‘message’)
11. Giving in to an extra slice of (insert yummy food here) is not the end of the world.
12. Being good friends with someone doesn’t have to mean talking to them every day or seeing them all the time. (Or even seeing them at all)
13. Only you have the power to decide how much other’s words or actions affect you.
14. High heels are great, but nothing beats a comfortable pair of shoes (which can also be stylish).
15. There is no right order to do things in life. You don’t have to graduate high school, go to college, land your dream job, get engaged, get married and have kids in that order. It’s perfectly okay to do any of these out-of-order or skip a few steps all together.
16. Expensive doesn’t always mean ‘better.’
17. Finding a good fitting pair of jeans is hard, but worth it!
18. Not everything has to be shared on social media.
19. College isn’t for everyone.
20. Investing in a good quality bra is so worth it.
21. Keeping a notebook or mini journal within reach is a life saver. You never know when you might get a great idea or when you’ll have to write down something important.
22. Make time once a day or once a week to do something you love. No matter if it’s reading, taking a long bath, writing, sketching or knitting.
23. Dedicate a space for your hobby. A comfortable chair to read in, a craft box to keep your art supplies or even a desk to do some writing on.
24. If you don’t know how to do something, chances are you can find a tutorial on Pinterest or YouTube. There are no excuses.
25. Cute workouts clothes is great inspiration to actually want to work out. Even if you work out at home.
26. Eating healthier can start with something as simple as drinking water with every meal instead of soda or sugary drinks.
27. Shaping/styling your eye brows makes a huge difference in how you look and is worth spending time on.
28. It’s perfectly okay to change your mind about what you want to do in life. More than once.

Any advice that you live by that you would like to share?

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