3 Myths About Foster Care Debunked

foster care

People fear a lot to take steps forward. There are so many wrong opinions and notions that are circulating all around the globe. It is important for you to differentiate opinions from the facts. The same principle applies when you are planning to become a foster parent.

There are so many myths and false opinions that alter the decision of people who want to go forward. It is important for people to realize the benefits that they get to enjoy when their children go to foster care.

According to Lisa Witter from PerpetualFostering.co.uk, a common fear of most foster children is that they will be sent back into the system. Carers should expect that their foster child may have similar feelings and prepare accordingly to deal with them. Even if a carer may be unsure about the duration of placement, they should offer the foster child support and love regardless of how long they are staying.

Here are some myths that we are going to debunk today so that you can move boldly with your decision to provide care to foster children.


Myth #1: We Are The Only Ones Doing It

You are wrong if you think that you are the only family or person in the city that is planning to become a carer. You will be surprised to note that there are so many people and families out there that are taking care of the foster children. There is no reason why you should feel alone with this endeavor.

You will get the necessary support and care from people all around you. It is not going to spoil your reputation but, will help you earn some respect. Hence, you need to come out of the social stigma and take things forward.

Myth# 2 Children Steal Food

Many foster parents experience this one. They see the children that they are taking care of steal food and drinks. It is quite surprising from them. It is a fact that some of them close the pantries in an attempt to avoid the kids from doing further stealing.

But, if you sit back and think, you will understand that these kids never had enough food or drinks at their home. They feel that they will not have enough food if they do not stock it. Hence, they try to steal and keep the food in stock so that they can use it for a later time.

Myth # 3 Foster Kids Do Not Adjust

Now, this is one of the most common problems that most carers encounter. No matter what they do, it seems like the children do not like. It is awkward to see them getting scared of running tap or light. They seem to enjoy eating canned food than fresh vegetables.

You need to understand that these kids come from homes that do not have enough food and in some cases, there is no electricity. It will take time for them to understand and adjust to these things. You need to be patient with them so that they feel comfortable.

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