4 Different Ways You Can Wear A Bralette

Who says your bra should always remain hidden underneath your clothes? When there is something as cool as a bralette, it demands to be seen. From minimal styles to lace designs, a bralette is a perfect addition to your outfit. You can wear it underneath a jacket or above a t-shirt, the simple piece of lingerie can help transform any outfit into stylish and exciting.

What is a Bralette?

Gone are the days when your bra used to be boring and black. A bralette is a type of bra which has no molded cups or wires. It is thin and delicate but most of them are made of lace which makes them appealing and stylish. They do not offer as much support as regular bras but are comfortable and attractive.

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Style your Bralette in different ways

This sexy piece of the lingerie needs to be an essential part of your wardrobe. There are many different ways you can style it. No matter your personal style, a bralette can make you look cool and chic.

Wear it over a t-shirt:

There is a current trend of wearing a bralette over a t-shirt. It is ideal for casual outfits and is a strong and daring combination. Wear a black lace bralette on top of a white T-shirt for a stylish take on the trend. You need to ensure that you choose a crew neck t-shirt because anything with a low neckline can look unbalanced.

Wear it over a shirt:

If you want a slightly sophisticated look, you can wear a bralette with a shirt. It can create a contemporary appearance which is ideal for stylish women. Alternatively, you can opt for a classic bra like this to nail the look. A black bag and a pair of blue jeans is all you need to complete this style.

Wear it beneath a sheer shirt:

Pair your sheer tops and shirts with a bralette. It will show off the sexy bralette and will elevate sheer designs. You need to keep it simple to nail the look. However, feel free to mix and match the colors and add a pattern. You can wear a sheer shirt with embroidery over a bralette. Simply add a piece of statement jewelry and some heels for the night.

Wear it with a jacket:

You can create a bold fashion statement by wearing a bralette under a jacket. It banishes the need for a top and will definitely get you noticed. You can reserve this for evening occasions. Opt for a lace bralette with a little more coverage. You can pair the look with loose silhouettes and edgy items. If you are nervous about the look, you can keep the jacket done up and only expose a flash of lace.

Invest in the right size of the bra to ensure that it gives optimum support and looks perfect when styled in different ways. You can experiment with different styles and get a cool everyday look with a bralette.


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