4 Products Beauty Experts Recommend Adding to a Summer Makeup Bag

Every woman has been there at one point or another: Whether you are on holiday in a warm locale, or you are just going about your daily life during the hottest months of the year, it can be challenging to know what to do to ensure that your makeup stays fresh and fabulous throughout the day.

Spending a little extra time preparing your summer makeup bag is vital as you would then be assured that you have all the essentials to keep you looking (and, more importantly, feeling) your best at all times.

From the essential sunscreen to a versatile foundation replacement, from a powerful hair care secret to a single product that changes your whole look, here are four products recommended by beauty professionals that you absolutely must have in your summer makeup bag.

1. Sunscreen

In reality, sunscreen should be a product that you use every single day, all year long. However, it is particularly important to use during the spring and summer months when the sun’s UV rays are at their harshest. In fact, during the summer, you want to be reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day to ensure that you are constantly protecting the overall health of your skin.

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When looking for the best face and body sunscreen, make sure you are searching for one that blocks a sufficient amount of UV rays to preserve your skin type sufficiently. At the very least, your sunscreen should be SPF 30. However, you can ideally look to wear sunscreen with a higher value SPF that is also water-resistant.

2. CC Cream

“CC” stands for “color correcting” and it is a makeup product that offers fuller coverage than a BB cream, but less than a foundation. This makes it the perfect summer makeup base to use. The best CC creams are formulated with anti-aging ingredients as well as SPF to help keep your skin protected while also looking flawless.

Due to their unique property of targeting discoloration, CC creams are popular with women all around the world who are looking for products that offer buildable coverage while also diffusing the appearance of skin blemishes, such as redness, dark spots, oversized pores, and wrinkles.

3. Smoothing Serum

While the summer months bring a lot of positives (long nights, outdoor dining, colorful outfits, and much more), there are also a few negatives (bug bites, humidity, and the like). For many women, the heat and humidity experienced during summer days are unmerciful when it comes to looking after their hair or maintaining the hairstyle that they want.

If this sounds like a familiar problem, and you no longer want to embrace your frizz, then it is time to add a good smoothing serum to your haircare lineup.

Products such as the Pantene Smoothing Serum not only smooth your hair and keep it under control, but they also contain argan oil to help keep your hair strands nourished. All you need to do is spray some of the serum on your hair and then direct it through with your fingers.

4. Eyelash Lift Kit

In the summer, there is nothing better than having the products at your disposal to create a go-to beauty look that is fresh-faced, dewy, and natural. After all, with so much fun to be had outside, you don’t want to be spending hours getting ready. Instead, you want to have products that work as double-duty items or as all-in-ones, such as a stain that works on your lips and your cheeks.

In this vein, one of the best additions you can introduce to your makeup bag is an eyelash lift kit that brings length, height and volume to your natural lashes. This lift, in turn, gives them the appearance of being a lot longer and a lot thicker.

For many women, having long, luscious eyelashes is key to boosting their self-confidence and making them feel better about their looks. Even without lots of other makeup, ensuring that your lashes look good is a quick way to enhance your natural beauty.

What beauty products do you think are a must-have in your summer makeup bag? Have you got any ride-or-die products that you want to share? Let us know about all your tips and tricks for staying flawless in the comments below!



Marco Caporossi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Alema Professional GmbH. The company offers a selection of products and services, not yet available in Switzerland, in line with the latest beauty market trends. Alema Professional is establishing business partnerships with some of the most prestigious US and international brands that specialize in nailcare, spa manicure & pedicure, skin care, and wellness rituals for the body.


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