4 Ways to Thank Your Friends After an Adventurous Weekend

You’re planning a weekend camping trip with friends, and are trying to think of a way to thank them for the good times you’re bound to have. Go the extra mile to say thank you to your adventure buddies! Take a look at our four favorite ways to show your gratitude to your camping companions.

1. Handwritten Note

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There is nothing more classic than a personalized thank you note to show someone your appreciation. Take it a step further by finding some outdoorsy stationery! Compass Paper Co. has plenty of camping and outdoor-themed cards and postcards to choose from, and you’re sure to find something that fits your style. With plenty of options to choose from, you can easily find a card that fits the personality of each individual you’re wanting to thank, from sweet and sincere to snarky and sarcastic.

2. Prepare a Tasty Treat

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Another simple way to show someone your gratitude is by whipping up something delicious for them. Before your trip, throw together some simple, miniature loaves of banana bread or a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Package them up individually and present them at the beginning, or the trip or on the last day. Your friends will be very thankful for a snack to enjoy on the trip back home, as well as for the time you took to say thank you.

3. Simple Photobook

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You’re bound to take plenty of pictures on your weekend adventure together to help you remember the good times, so take advantage of that and put together a simple photo album for everyone. It is very easy to use a program like Chatbooks to quickly put all of your photos in one place and get them printed. Small and durable, these books will show your friends that you care, and help you all remember the memories for years to come.

4. Something for Pampering

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At the end of your fun weekend of exploring and adventuring, returning home to unpack and go back to work can prove to feel pretty daunting. Help your friends ease back into the flow of their week by giving them a little something to treat themselves. It could be their favorite beverage, some bath salts for a nice soak, or even a new read for the bookworm in your life. This small, thoughtful token will not only show them your appreciation but is sure to help end the weekend on a happy, relaxing note.

How Will You Say Thank You?

Whatever way you decide to show your gratitude, be sure to keep your friends in mind. While you might love receiving a jar of yummy-smelling bath salts, your adventure buddies might be more receptive to a small book of photos from your weekend. You might also consider combing multiple ideas together! Pair a handwritten note with a baked treat, or a small bag of cookies with a new book. Go the extra mile to show your friends you care!

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