5 Swimsuit Trends That Are Making It Big In 2019

The summer of 2019 brings all new fashion trends in women’s wear and swimsuits are no exception. Whether you love chilling out by the poolside, have some pool parties to attend or are jetting off for a beach vacation, you need to upgrade your swimwear collection. While you should keep factors such as fit concerns and budget in mind, being on top of the latest trends is equally important. So if you are planning to buy some swimsuits this season, here are the hottest trends of 2019 that you should follow.

Wallpaper Florals

You may have enough bright colors, animal prints, polka dots and geometric patterns in your collection, but what about buying a piece or two in wallpaper florals. Look for pretty florals in pastel shades over white to match the summer vibe. These look super soothing yet get you all the attention that you would want. You can play with florals on a one-piece or two-piece costume, whichever is your personal style.

High-Cut Legs

The high-cut legs in swimsuits are another trend that is here to stay. This trend has been around for a couple of years now and continues to be a rage. They look good on almost any body shape because they give an elongated appearance to your legs. A black swimsuit with high-cut legs is a staple that every woman should absolutely have in her wardrobe because it makes a great pick on any day.

Mix and Match

Another trend that you must not miss while shopping for swimwear this year is mix and match. Pick a few cool colors in mix and match swim bralettes and match them with your favorite bikini bottoms to create the most amazing ensembles as you step on the poolside. Be as creative as you can, by pairing prints and polka dots with basic plains.

Knotted Details

Beyond prints and colors, detailing is another fashion statement that is making it big in the swimwear fashion this season. You will probably see a lot of embroidery and lace in swimsuits, which has not been so popular earlier. Knotted detailing is another trending style that you must invest in. Not only do they look pretty but also add functionality to the design of the swimsuit, giving you a better fit that can be customized according to your body shape.


Amazingly, the retro look of the seventies and eighties is making a big comeback in the summer of 2019. Retro prints and textures, sporty tankinis and peasant silhouettes are being seen everywhere on the beach fashion circles and you would not want to miss them at all. The traditional swimwear is being elevated with innovative ideas such as flirty floral designs and embroidered delicate accents.

While you should keep these trends in mind when you shop swimwear for the season, make sure that you prioritize fit and comfort because of these matters the most. After all, you will look good and feel confident in a swimsuit only if you wear something that you are comfortable in.

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