5 Trending Denim Styles For Men In 2018

According to most fashion guru’s, the traditional dark denim is only type of denim worth investing because of their versatile appeal and long durability. However, denim fashion industry has moved far from this general assumption. There are lots of different denim available in the market today to upgrade your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

Probably the most iconic piece of clothing of last century was the legendary “blue jeans”. Nonetheless, bootcut blue jeans are considered as outdated in 2018 and there are lots of different trendy denim styles that you can follow. In this article I have hand-picked 5 trendiest denim styles of this year.

So, dump your old blue jeans (or recycle/donate) and read on this jeans style guide to upgrade you look instantly.

Double Denim

Double denims are the latest fashion for men in denim world. It was first introduced by Justin Timberlake back in 2009. However, it took almost 10 years for double denim style to become a real trend. It’s getting very popular in late 2017 and its just growing.

I can confidently predict that, 2019 will be all about double denims among millennial. You will see lots of music videos where the celebrities pulling off this style.

In double denim style, you can wear a dark denim jacket with a light-colored narrow or straight cut jeans for a classy look. Creating the contrast is the main feature of this style.

Pro Tip: Do not wear matching color jacket and trouser. You will look terrible!

Under the jacket you can wear a plain white of grey t-shirt or sweatshirt. If you are not a white or blue guy, I would suggest you wear something light colored.

Nineties Retro Denim

The must be a caveman, if you haven’t noticed that nighties fashion trends are coming back, and it is becoming popular day by day. If you see New York Fashion Week that took place in August 2018, you will notice a pattern, which is nineties retro denim fashion style.

The director of Topman stated in an interview that, classic grey wash jeans are back in today’s fashion, and it will stay for a while”. If you check the major fashion retail stores, you will notice that, most of the brands relaunched nineties denim range. These designs have true vintage feel, in terms of color palette and patterns.

Looser fit and rather pale washed finish are the trademarks of this trend. You need to consider the cut and color scheme of your denim when you pick up ninety’s denim trends. Nineties denims can be matched with dark sweatshirts or hoodies depending on your choice.

Pro Tip: A pair of rusty brown leather shoes will perfectly enhance the overall vintage feel.

White Denim

White jeans are becoming trending among men this year. Most men stay away from white jeans because they don’t know how to wear them properly. They think it wont suit with their overall look. Surprisingly, it goes great with most of the outfits. In terms of fitting, you should never wear too skinny or too wide white jeans.

Always try to make a contrast when you wear white jeans. If you choose to wear a white denim jacket, make sure you’re your trouser is dark. You can wear white, brown or grey sweatshirt or t-shirt with that.

Denim With Folded Turn-Ups

Pinnrolled jeans aka turned up denim style is also trending this year. This style is simple yet classy. You just need to turn up the hem of your jeans, That will give you a whole new shape to your overall look.

Usually, the hem of your jeans never sits perfectly above your ankle. Turnring them up for few stops will expose a bit of ankle which will give you a classy tempered look.

Turn-ups match best with rigid denims, because rigid denims will stay in place even when you fold them up for few stops. Try to wear them with a pair of rugged workers boot in winter. If the weather permits, then you can try any normal sneakers.

Distressed Ripped Denim

The distressed denim trend is continuing its rage from previous years. And, in my prediction. It will stick at least until 2020. Maybe it’s a bit overused style as almost everyone tried it last year, However, if you carefully handle the style, you can still stand out from the crowd and make a fashion statement.

This year’s distressed denim is all about bleached, raw edged, ripped style. But, the key is to try one style at once. If you mix all these patterns in one jeans you wont look good. Try to pick just one style to make it pop.

Keep everything simple. Do not wear jeans that has too many holes. This simple balance will give you a smart-casual look.

Final Words

Denim fashion trends are always evolving. Next year, there will be some new styles. To stay ahead of the curve, you should always be updated. Check out fashion forums and men fashion blogs. You can also look at the major fashion retailer’s website to check what is upcoming. I hope this article will help you to decide which denim style you should pick this year. Let us know your thoughts in comment section.


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