6 Festival Hair and Makeup Essentials

Festival Hair and Makeup Essentials

Festival Hair and Makeup Essentials

Festivals offer the opportunity to show off your edgiest style. Whether you’re airy and angelic or you’re all about the glitz and glam, these festival essentials will help you achieve your fiercest festival look.

Simple styling products

Festivals are all about pushing your style to the limit and with your festival wear being so full of edge and attitude, why not do the same with your hair?

Creating a festival-worthy hairstyle doesn’t need to be difficult, either.

Just pick from your favourite festival hairstyles, whether you’re going big and pairing your bold makeup with extra volume, looking for a more textured, beachy look or want to take advantage of your natural curls, with just a few simple items you’ll be that much closer to the festival look you’ve always dreamt of.

It’s important to protect your hair from potential damage and breakage throughout the day, so a leave-in treatment is a must to start with. Apply this first to your hair before you use any other products to give it the love it needs.

Then, with a simple texture or volumizing tonic, you’ll be able to enhance the texture of your hair and achieve the style you’re after.

Remember to finish off with a flexible and lasting hold hairspray to keep your hair noticeably nourished and in place all day.

Loose glitter

Loose glitter is perhaps the most versatile and essential festival item. Festival body glitter can be used to dab onto cheeks, sprinkle onto hair, and create unique designs.

Grab it in multi-color for an irresistible rainbow look, or choose a specific color to complement your glitter festival look.

festival makeup

Glowing highlighter

If there’s one thing your festival look needs, it’s a big dose of glow. Choosing a highlighter that gives you a sun-kissed glow is perfect for creating a festival makeup look that’s warm and welcoming.

Stick highlighters, offer supreme convenience, perfect for tossing into your bag and applying at any time. Choose a natural colour for a subtle sunny look, or go dark for something more daring.

To amp up the highlight even more, choose a highlighting palette that offers several shades in one. Multiples of a luminous shade like gold is ideal for creating that radiant complexion.

Sun-kissed bronzer

To complement your highlights, apply a bronzer with serious sun power, and look for one that can be used all over the face for an extra illumination.

Bronzer can act as an instant pick-me-up for your skin, so throw it in your bag and bring it along to your festival.

Glow foundation

For a true festival feeling, even the base of your face should glow. Using glow foundation gives you a lit-from-within complexion that’s perfect for your free-spirited festival look.

Look also for a foundation that’s rich and moisturising so you’ll have festival-ready skin all day long.

Bold shimmer shadow

Eye shadow is one of the easiest ways to make a statement. For a festival, play up both the shade and the shimmer. Choose a high-sparkle shadow for the best results or a perfect bold shade for a standout festival makeup look.

Don’t forget to finish your festival look with a beautiful fragrance.

Show off your shimmer and shine with these glowing and glittering festival essentials.

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