6 Places On My Travel Wish List

I love to get away. I don’t really care if it’s to another country, to the other end of the country, or a few hours away. Being able to travel, even if it’s only for a weekend is also so nice and relaxing and I always look forward to any time I can get out-of-town. Even if it is only to go camping. We didn’t get to go on vacation last year so I’m really itching to go this year. As you may know (because I don’t shut up about it), I’m going to Cancun for the first time next month and I can’t wait! I’m already looking forward to other places I want to go on vacation and although some I might not get to do for a long time (or at all), here are a few places on my travel wish list.

6 Places on My Travel Wish List:

1. Brazil

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Brazil for a while now. I just think it’s so freaking beautiful and my family and I love anything green and having to do with water. I’m also fascinated with the culture. When I was in design school, one of our projects was to put together a design collection based on a country, of course I picked Brazil. That was one of my funnest design products I had done and I really wish that I still had my portfolio with all my drawings.

2. Greece

I have never been out of the US (besides Mexico, which is 30 minutes from my town so I don’t count that) and it will probably be a while before we are able to travel to a place like Greece, but it’s still on my bucket list. I fully admit that one of the reasons I want to go to Greece is because it’s so damn pretty! Just look at all those pretty colors!

3. Fiji

I hate, hate, hate US beaches because the water is so freaking cold! But I do love the beach so I really want to visit Fiji and the beautiful beaches. We’ve been in the mood to go on very laid back and relaxed vacations and hanging out every day at the beach sounds like a dream. If I ever do get to go to Fiji, I HAVE to stay in one of those beach huts!

4. Disney World

I’m a Disney girl at heart, really my whole family is Disney obsessed. My oldest went on her first Disneyland vacation when she was 5 months and my little one went to Disney World the first time when she was 4 months. Flying across the country with a 4 month old and a 3-year-old and just the two of us was definitely intimidating and hard at times (carrying all the luggage and a big ass double stroller around the airport was a pain in the ass) but it was so much fun. We have only been to Disney World twice (we go to Disneyland almost every year) and my little one was 4 months the first time and one year old the second time so she doesn’t remember any of it. I really want to go again now that the girls are 6 and 9 years old.

5. Monaco

Such a beautiful place! I love all the colorful building along the water and I would really just love to be able to go visit and eat and sleep and be a total tourist and be lazy and just have an all around relaxing time in a beautiful place…and take so many pictures!

6. Cancun

I’m actually going to Cancun in July and this will be my first time there and I can’t freaking wait. We have so much stuff that we want to do, so many places we want to go to while fitting in lots of relaxing beach time, I’m sure we’ll end up going again and again since it’s closer to us than any of the other places on my list. I have my bikinis ready and I’m counting down the days!

Have you been to any of these places? What’s on your travel wish list or where are your favorite places you’ve traveled to?

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