6 Spring Modest Style Hacks for Women


As springtime approaches, warmer weather often beckons short shorts and crop tops. There’s nothing wrong with proud confidence of your body and wanting to show it off, but if you prefer a more modest look, current trends can be a little difficult to navigate. No one wants to wear an uncomfy frock, but it would be nice not feel exposed all the time. Complicating the matter, it can be uncomfortable to cover up and stay cool as temperatures climb into the summer.

Read our tips for some hacks to dress modestly this spring so you can feel confident, stylish, and well-covered.

Wear a cardigan or bolero

A go-to option to impose a little modesty on your outfit is the use of a cardigan or bolero. If you’re not familiar, a bolero is like a shrug or light midriff cardigan that usually has a tie or clasp in the front. It’s a great way to cover your shoulders or modify a dress or blouse bust line without being bulky or burdensome.

It pays to invest in one or two of these. You can find them in a variety of styles, colors, and fits, and can range from lightweight material to heavy knits for winter time. They are a great way to augment an outfit rather than overhaul it in favor of more modest clothes. The same applies to cardigans, which in addition to being practical, are super cute and stylistic.

Use a skirt extender

Try using a slip or skirt extender to wear under shorter skirts and dresses. You can find them in a variety of colors and often are decorated with cute ruffles and lace to help blend to the skirt and add a little extra style.

They are great to prevent your skirt from riding up too far. They are also extremely helpful with a sheer or thin skirt to hide under or underwear lines. Adding a few to your wardrobe helps you to wear skirts that are otherwise too short or shear more modest and very comfortable.

Wear high waisted skirts to complement crop tops or midriffs

Crop tops and midriffs are extremely popular right now, bedecking the storefronts of many popular stores and brands. They can be fun but are not always appropriate or comfortable to wear.

Rather than foregoing the trend, pair a midriff with high-waisted skirts, shorts, or pants, which are also very trendy right now. The combination not only lets you cover up, but has a slimming effect, making the waist look smaller and longer. Throwing a cute fashion belt on top also doesn’t hurt!

Try a new kind of swimwear

In the springtime, pools, and beaches are beckoning. Dressing modestly poolside can definitely be a challenge. There are great options for women who prefer to dress modestly while swimming recreationally. Instead of covering with an old t-shirt or donning the ever-shrinking bikinis, take a look at increasingly popular one-pieces, tankinis, and swim dresses. Rey Swimwear is one great option for the modesty-minded swimsuit shopper, with lots of very cute swimsuits options, but many brands, including Victoria’s Secret offer one-pieces and tankinis and cover-ups to wear as well.

A camisole

A camisole or shirt extender is another go-to item to have in your wardrobe as spring rolls around. A lightweight and thin option, it won’t weigh you down but effectively covers you up under sheer tops, altering the line of low-cut blouses and dresses, and can even stylishly alter a crop-top. Consider adding a few to your wardrobe.

Use a bandeau to conceal a low cut top

An alternative to the camisole is a bandeau. A bandeau seems antithetical to modest dressing, but it doesn’t have to be. Wearing a bandeau under a blouse or dress can also help alter the neckline to a more modest look. The added benefit  — less fabric! For days when you really don’t want to add a layer, a bandeau can help you stay cool and dry while also appearing modest. Plus, if the fit is right, they can replace your bra. Having a few different styles and colors in your wardrobe will serve you great.

Don’t despair as springtime rolls around and you don’t feel comfortable showing some skin. There are tons of hacks you can use to augment your wardrobe and many fashionable options out there.

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