7 Bold Ways to Wear Prints and Patterns

7 Bold Ways to Wear Prints and Patterns

7 Bold Ways to Wear Prints and Patterns

If you are not a big fan of minimalist fashion, and you love splashes of colours, images or prints, and patterns, you have probably come upon days wherein it’s a challenge to put pieces together for an elegant and polished ensemble.

Do not give up on your patterns and prints, though. It just takes a bit of creativity to rock them even in the most formal of occasions.

There are styling techniques that can tame the “busy-ness” of your favourite pieces and create looks that are beautiful and bold. Listed below are seven of them.

Choose pieces with a “common denominator”

For example, you have a pair of tribal or floral trousers, a great print or patterned top to use is one that has similar colours to those present on your trousers. The similar hues will create a sense of uniformity despite the difference in print patterns.

Think about proportion

When you want to go print-on-print or pattern-on-pattern, it is imperative to direct attention toward achieving a balanced look.

Say, you have an Afro-retro dress with small geometric details, you can pair it with a skirt or a pair of shorts or pants with big patterns.

Remember this tip and you do not have to worry about being a “fashion don’t” wearing all kinds of patterns because the difference in the patterns’ sizes can create a more balanced appearance.

Use a pattern blocker

For those pieces which have big prints and patterns, you can make them more sophisticated by providing them with a “pattern blocker” such as a single-coloured thick belt or scarf worn like a vest (held in place around the waist by a skinny belt).

One popular way of wearing a pattern blocker these days is by wearing a sheer, tulle or lace skirt over a patterned dress. It’s a very chic styling trend that top fashionistas are playing around with.

A lot of women are also into wearing a knee-length leather or suede pencil skirt over a maxi dress with bold prints. The skirt does not only create a lovely colour block, but it also fashionably alters the shape of the dress.

Wear chunky jewellery

Big pieces of jewellery make the perfect accessories for clothing with patterns and prints. Gold pieces, in particular, are stylish. They add a touch of class and do not get lost in the prints.

Chunky stone and bone jewellery pieces are also great to use. They never fail to amp up the style of boho chic or and tribal-inspired clothing.

Follow a theme

Mixed and matched prints and patterns automatically make sense if the theme is apparent.

For example, a silk top with the pictures of animals that is paired with leopard print trousers or shorts looks good because the combination indicates an African safari theme. Despite all the patterns, prints and colours, everything makes sense because of the theme.

Wear statement makeup

Pull your look together even more by wearing makeup that shows off a particular colour or shape in your clothing ensemble.

For instance, if there’s a nice tangerine colour in your outfit, take a cue from editorial makeup in fashion magazines and wear an eyeshadow or lip colour in the same hue.

Make contrasting colours complement each other

Actress and model Ireland Baldwin has earned praises for her completely mixed and matched attire. There was no common denominator in the clothing pieces she wore. Her skirt had a green and black paisley print, while her cardigan was indigo and had flowers in white, salmon, fig, and purple. Plus, her belt was a bright turquoise, and her shirt was tangerine.

There definitely were a lot of things going on with her entire getup, but her look was visually pleasing. This is because the colours she had on contrasted with each other beautifully. So, study the colour wheel and learn the hues that contrast each other in a flattering way because this can mean great styling mileage for your printed and patterned clothing.

Work prints and patterns generously yet seamlessly into your daily garb through all of these styling techniques.

By following these styling methods, you do not have to worry about looking outrageous even if you wear print-on-print, pattern-on-pattern or print-on-pattern all the time.


Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs today. When you slip into one of Feiruza’s creations, you can almost hear the rhythms of Africa, the beats of India and the vibrancy of Dubai – this distinctive and colourful mélange is just what Finchitua is about.


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