Affordable Bronzing with L’oreal Glam Bronze

I’m very pale so I always need some sort of bronzer or contour shade to add some color and dimension to my face. I always have a hard time finding a bronzer that is cool toned but most of the ones I try are warmed tone which end up looking orange or red on my skin. I have been using the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette as bronzer because the shades are cool and light enough for me, but I’m always on the lookout for a more affordable option. I haven’t seen this Glam Bronze around much, but a lot of my favorite beauty products come from L’Oreal so I picked this up on a recent Target trip and had my fingers crossed that I would like this.

L’oreal Glam Bronze for Face & Body:

Description from Website:

Give yourself a generous sweep of glow-giving bronzing powder for luminous, healthy looking skin all year round. L’Oréal Paris Glam Bronze bronzing powder is a long wearing matte bronzer that instantly fuses with the skin for a natural, glowing tan. Select your shade and after applying your foundation dust this across cheeks, nose and forehead for that healthy sun-kissed glow. And, as it’s matte, you can forget about shine. ($14)

My Thoughts: Although this bronzer looks pretty cool toned in the packaging, I’ve been fooled by bronzers before so I was really happy when I got home and swatched this and saw that not only was it light enough for me, but it didn’t have an orange or red undertone to it. I have mine in the shade Light and I believe they also have a Medium and Dark option available. Although the bronzer has a bit of sheen to it, when you apply it it goes on matte and the color is beautiful and it gives you a gorgeous glow and color. Drugstore makeup has been getting pricier, but it also has improved so much so I don’t mind much. I would still rather pay $14 for a bronzer instead of $30 or higher. For the price, the product is huge! It’s bigger than a normal face powder compact so the price is very reasonable. This bronzer is for your face and body so the price and size makes sense. I think they did such a good job with the packaging too. The orange and copper packaging just screams ‘Summer’ to me and I love how big the size is.

I have been using this for a few weeks now with my Morphe or Real Techniques brush and I’m so in love with this bronzer! I have been using this instead of my Kat Vond D contour, which I have been using for the past 7 months. I’m so glad that if I ever run out of either, I don’t have to go spend so much money to get a good bronzer. I have yet to try this bronzer on my body, mostly because I’ve never thought to bronze up my body. I’ll have to look into it to see where you actually bronze your body so I can try it. I found my bronzer at my local Target, but I have yet to see it anywhere else. The weird thing is that I can’t find it in any of the US Loreal sites or Ulta, only the overseas sites. Come to think of it, the only few places I have seen this bronzer at were in blogs in the UK, so I’m not sure if this bronzer is ‘officially’ out yet. But they still carry them in my Targets, last time I checked. If you happen to see this in stores or online, you should definitely pick it up because it’s such a great quality bronzer at a really affordable price. Especially if you are light-skinned and/or looking for a cool toned bronzer, this one is for you.

Affordable Bronzing with L’oreal Glam Bronze

Have you tried athe Glam Bronze by L’Oreal yet? Have you seen it in stores? What are your favorite bronzers?

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