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I love beauty tags and I’ve been trying to find more to do (let me know if you know of any fun ones). I first saw this tag on Wear Daisy Went’s blog and I’ve been wanting to do my own, so I tagged myself. ? I had no routine before, I basically showered at night, washed my face with water and went to bed. Now, I’m much more mindful about my routine, my skin care routine specifically. I try my best to stick with the same routine every day, most days I achieve this goal…other days I don’t. *shrugs*

AM Routine:

1. What is your morning beauty routine?

I have two girls and I babysit a 18 month old toddler all day so my AM routine doesn’t start as soon as I wake up. Luckily, my 9 and 6-year-old set their own alarms at 6am and they get ready on their own and go downstairs to east cereal. At 6:45am, they wake me up and I literally just brush my teeth, change into my workout clothes and I’m out the door by 7am. I first pick up the little boy I babysit (he lives like two minutes away from me) then I drop off my girls at two different schools. On the way back, I’ve been stopping by the lake and I do 2-3 laps around the lake with the baby (2-3 miles). I come back home, eat cereal, put the baby down for his nap then I shower and go through my normal AM skin care routine. I’ve been using products from Paula’s Choice skin care line and I’ve been loving them. I especially love the serums and facial oils from L’Oreal.

2. What’s for breakfast?

I love breakfast! I especially love cereal, unfortunately I love the sweet kind of cereals like Captain Peanut Butter Crunch and Fruity Pebbles, but those always have me feeling hungry like an hour later. I eat Special K cereal almost every single day, either the Strawberry or the Protein ones with half a sliced banana. On weekends, I make a full breakfast for my kids and boyfriend although I normally either eat two scrambled eggs or cereal. I told you I loved cereal. When I worked, I used to keep a stash of cereal boxes and milk at work at all times.

3. Coffee or tea?

Tea I guess? One of the first things I got rid of last year to lose weight was unhealthy drinks. Luckily I’ve never liked coffee or soda, but I did love sugary drinks and teas. Now I drink a lot of water, healthy green tea or 100% orange juice.

4. How long does it take to get out the door?

Depends where I’m going and if I’m going alone or with my kids. If I’m just going to the grocery store or to run some errands, I’ll just throw my hair in a ponytail and throw on some quick makeup. If I am going out to dinner or something or if I feel like dressing up, it take me longer because I like to take my time doing my makeup. I would say anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on how ready I want to get or how much in a hurry I am.

5. What is your go-to makeup look on a fuss free morning?

My newest obsession is the Dr. Jart BB Cream + SPF 50. It provides great and light coverage and a pretty glow and it’s so fast to apply. I’ve been using this bb cream, my brows from Colourpop, the Urban Decay/Gwen Stefani Blush palette as bronzer/blush/highlight and eye shadow and the L’Oreal Infallible mascara. Take about 5 minutes.

PM Routine:

6. What is your evening beauty routine?

I vary between several different products, depending on my mood. I always use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup, always! I then use a cleanser (I’ve been using the Paula’s Choice cleanser), a few times a week I use the Biore face scrub as well as the Paula’s Choice overnight mask and I use a serum every night. My current favorite is the Paula’s Choice serum shown in the picture above (the red one). I sometimes switch up between different products but this is what I use most nights.

7. Snack time! What’s in the bowl?

Fruits! I’m have a huge sweet tooth and fruit is a great way to get my sweet kick in every day. I’m obsessed with oranges and apples (Honeycrisp apples) and I eat at least one orange every day. Most days I eat one in the morning and another one after dinner.

8. How do you wind down and prep for bed?

I usually shower before bed which is one of my favorite ways to unwind at night. I try to read a little bit before going to bed and we like to watch a few episodes of either Bob’s Burgers or King of the Hill before going to sleep.

9. Cozy up!

What are you wearing to sleep? I either wear a slip, or pajama bottoms and a bralette, if I’m cold then I am usually covered from head to toe. Two pairs of socks, warm pants, a long sleeve. If I’m extra cold I wear a hoodie and I have slept with gloves and a beanie before. You would think that I live somewhere in Antartica, but no, I live in Arizona. I’m so used to our 100+ degree weather that anytime it dips below 30-40 degrees I’m shaking like a chihuahua.

10. What are some things you must do before hitting in the hay?

Check my alarm, check my kids alarm, check the house alarm, check my messages, apply lip balm, go pee and set my phone on silent!

What doe syour AM/PM routine look like? If anyone else is interested in doing this, feel free to tag yourself like I did!

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