Beauty Mistakes I Make

Ever see those beauty articles or makeup gurus talking about all the things you shouldn’t be doing when it comes to your beauty routine?  Yeah, I’m guilty of doing a a lot of them.  Some I know I should probably not be doing, like sleeping with my makeup on.  But there are others that I just don’t see the harm in.  Here are a few of my beauty mistakes.

  • Going to sleep with my makeup on.  Confession, I just started really washing off my makeup before bed a few months ago.  I know it sounds terrible, but the only thing I used to wear on my face was blush.  I isn’t use powder or concealer or foundation or anything else, so I didn’t really feel like I had makeup on my face.  I did wear eye makeup so I used to rub that off or rinse it off with just water, but most of the time, I just went to bed as is.  Now that I wear primer or BB or CC cream, I do feel like I have makeup on my face so I make sure to wash it off.  Most nights.  I still need to get used to the habit of doing it every night.
  • Most makeup routines I see on youtube say you should do the fade thing at the start of your eyebrows to make them look more natural.  I don’t do this.  I don’t square them off or do a sharp line at the beginning  but I do fill them in softly.  The fade in technique just doesn’t look right on me and I prefer the other way.
  • 99%  of all mascaras make my eyelashes go straight down, no matter how much I curl them.  I rarely wear mascara, but on the rare occasions I do, I have to curl my eyelashes again with mascara on.  Apparently this is a big no no.
  • I love eyeliner, I just like the way my eyes look with liner on the top and bottom.  Most of the time I use black eyeshadow to line my bottom eyelids instead of actual eyeliner because it last longer, but I do line all around my eyes.  I guess this is another beauty mistake I should be avoiding.  (You’re only supposed to line the outer-to-mid corner of your bottom lash line)
  • I always forget about SPF.  I know most foundations/BB creams have SPF in them, but I didn’t wear foundation and only started using BB a few months ago and don’t even wear it every day.  I live in Arizona so the sun is crazy almost all year round and I’m very pale.  Luckily, I’m not really outdoors much in the summer and when I know I will be out in the sun (like at the pool or waterpark), I do wear suncreen on my face.  I do need to invest in a good moisturizer with SPF in it.
  • I just recently started applying my makeup in natural light, but for years I always put on my makeup in artificial lighting.  I do think natural light is best, but I don’t think artificial lighting is terrible…
  • I do use some self tanner sometimes since I’m really pale.  The bottle says to wash your hands after (I use the lotion kind) but then I have that line at my wrists and my hands look a lot whiter than the rest of my arms.  So yeah, I don’t wash my hands after.  I wipe it off with a towel lightly, but not wash is completely off.

There you have it, some of my mistakes I’ve made according to experts.  Do you do any of these?

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