Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector Reviews

I’ve struggled with dark circles since I was very little. I’m very pale and I had really dark under eye circles and my eyebrows were so light and scarce that people (even strangers) asked my parents if I was sick. Growing up, once I got into makeup and heard about the magical wonders of concealer, I figured that my dark circles would go away once I swiped some concealer on them. I was so wrong. The only thing concealer did was emphasize how dark they were by making them graying-blue, no matter how much concealer I would put on. Once I got into high school, I gave up on concealer and didn’t really start trying it again until last year when I started getting into makeup more.

Looking at all these YouTube tutorials and seeing how easy it was for them to cover their dark circles, I decided to try it again. After all, 29 year-old me must be better at applying concealer then 13 year-old me, right? Wrong! I have tried so many concealers over the past year, and I have been disappointed with almost all of them. I think I’ve come to the realization that it’s not the concealer that doesn’t work, but rather that it’s me that isn’t applying it right. All the tutorials I see for covering dark circles involve a corrector, concealer, foundation, setting powder and baking and I just don’t have the patience to do all those steps. Since I prefer a lighter coverage, it just looks weird to have a more natural coverage on my face, and then so much product under my eyes. I heard about the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector and was intrigued because even after using this product, I already noticed a significant difference in the tutorials I saw and was curious to try this for myself.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector:

Description from website: A creamy, brightening corrector that completely eradicates under eye darkness. This color correcting under eye brightener works to eradicate under eye darkness by brightening and evening skin tone. It preps skin for smooth, even concealer coverage and doesn’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles. Infused with ultra-fine-light-reflectors, this rich, luminescent cream is like backlighting for your concealer, adding light from behind. Full coverage. Smooth, Brightened Finish.

Stylist Tips:

  • To conceal darkness around the eyes: Using your ring finger or a concealer brush, pat underneath the eye and gently blend.
  • Follow with concealer application.
  • To conceal fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes: Apply concealer first and follow with the Under Eye Brightening Corrector. This application method will act like spot lighting for your concealer and reflect light to draw attention away from fine lines.
  • Precautions: To prevent product from drying out, keep cap tightly closed.

My Thoughts:

This was one of my last-ditch efforts at concealing my under eyes and I got this on a whim since it was unlike anything I had tried before. I have tried color correctors and concealers before, but none had that ‘reflecting’ and brightening effect that this has. I will admit that I probably don’t use this product the way it’s intended. I don’t follow-up with concealer and I don’t bake under my eyes. I simply dab a little bit under my eyes using my finger or my concealer brush, then I pat my foundation on with my buffing brush like I normally do. If I want to take the extra few seconds, then I pat some powder to quickly set it.

Even without using concealer, I notice a difference right away. While I wouldn’t really say that it covers my dark under eye circles, it does conceal them quite a bit and it brightens up my under eye area and those are better results than what I’ve seen with any other product so I’m happy with this product. I’ve seen amazing results on other people when followed with the proper steps so I can see that this really does work. On the dark when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to wear foundation, I still use this and use some powder on my face for a light coverage and it works well that way too.

At this point, I think I’ve given up on completely trying to conceal my under eye dark circles because it looks like too much work to do on a daily basis, but I will continue to try to lighten them up a bit by brightening up the area. I would like to learn how to use this as intended so that I have the option of doing it for special occasions. I have seen the orange corrector for under eye dark circles and I am sooooo tempted to try it, but they are always out when I go to Ulta. This was a really great brightener and corrector and even with me not using this properly (with concealer) I am still happy with the results!

Have you used this product yet? What’s your favorite under eye corrector/brightener product?

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