Choose the Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone: Here’s How!

Choose the Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Choose the Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Lipstick is a makeup staple. Even people who don’t wear a lot of cosmetics often can seem to stay away from layering on a little lipstick now and then. Who can blame them? It’s so  chic. It’s so classic. It’s so easy! Unlike trying to apply liquid eyeliner, just about anyone can slap on some lipstick and look amaze.

Not everyone, however, can easily select the best lipstick shade for their skin tone. That’s what this article is here to do: guide you through selecting the optimal colors for your complexion. Read on to find out what colors are best for you!

Get to Know Your Season

You’ve probably heard it before: some of us have warm skin colours and some have pink. But what the heck does it mean?



If your skin has yellow undertones and mostly green veins, you have warm skin. Warm skin is usually skin that is darker in tone.


If your skin is pinkish, you likely have blue veins and cool skin. People with fair skin usually have this color.



Have an about equal combination of blue and green? You’ve got combination skin and can rock just about any color. Olive skin tones are most often combination.

Simple as that. Identify which undertone you have, then move on to the next step: finding your most sensational shades!

Shades & Tones

To select the best lipstick shade every time, choose lipstick colors that are similar to your skin tone. So, if you have a warm skin tone, select warmer colors, like deep reds, plums, berries or mahogany.

If you have a cool tone, opt for pinks or purples. You can also go with bright reds. Just avoid colours that are super light or have yellowish hues, since you’ll look washed out.

Got a neutral skin tone? Again, you can wear just about anything! Just bear in mind if you do have olive skin, lipsticks with yellow undertones can bring out the yellow in your skin and make you appear jaundiced. Presumably, this is not a look you’re going for.

When the haze of powders and blushes and liners and creams and glosses clears, the main thing you should remember is that you should wear what makes you feel good: no matter the color. If you have fair skin want to rock a Lancome lipstick from Active Skin in a deep, juicy berry, do it. Your lips, your life, baby!

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