Black & White Comfy Looks – Perfect for Quarantine


Making a selection of comfy looks is of utmost importance for ladies these days, thanks to the pandemic. People all around the world are trying to live with this ‘Novel Corona Virus’ which not only affects our daily routines but also our fashion industry. We have to do most of our tasks at home and we want something comfy to wear. What better choice than black and white T-shirts and pants.

Black and white is a timeless trend. No matter whether its summer or winter, raining or hazing, whether you are staying in and working from home, black and white give you an interesting look. That is why black and white have a special place in our fashion industry.

If you are looking for the perfect dressing for quarantine, here are some amazing black and white comfy looks you should follow:

  1. Printed Black Tees with White Tights:

Your perfect home look would be none other than tee and tights. Printed tees are perfect for staying in and when paired with tights, it will give you the comfort of home styling. You can go for a black printed T-shirt and pair it up with classic white tights. Stay Home printed t-shirts are selling like hotcakes these days and why not, that’s the demand of the season. You can choose such prints to look cool and trendy. You can buy these trending printed black tees from Femme Luxe at 50% off.

  1. White with White Printed Tees:

Again a choice with a printed tee, this time in white, paired with white pants. White printed tees are easily available everywhere and they not only look cute and stylish but they are extremely comfortable as well. You can buy these printed white tees and pair it up with white culottes or white straight pants to create a white with a white look. White with white is another classic, but all-time trending look that you can opt for even in quarantine.

  1. Oversized T-shirt with Shorts:

Nothing can be more comfortable than an oversized t-shirt paired with shorts. If you are a fan of black with a black or all-black look you can go for this one. Pair a printed oversized black t-shirt with black shorts to create an amazing comfy look for quarantine. It will look stylish whether you are working from home or you are partying alone.

  1. Black n White Crop Top:

Crop tops are a demand for this summer season and when paired with a black n white colour combo, this will be a fashion trendsetter. Animal prints are insanely amazing and look stylish, you can buy black and white leopard print or cat print crop top and wear it with leather jeans or skinny pants to create an incredible look that every eye will follow.

Black and white striped pants and skirts are also quite in trend these days. You can pair them up with crop tops or t-shirts to wear something comfortable yet chic.

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