Detox – Why You May Need One

Nathan Cowley

Modern lifestyles may seem stocked with convenience but all that comes at a price. Reduced physical activity, strenuous schedules, bad diets, pollution, and negative habits eventually make the body cry out for help.

Every day foreign agents enter our body and cause havoc to the immune system and other organs. Over a period of time, the physical ramifications can be felt and this is when you need a detox badly. Let us first catch up on some basic factors and signs that may indicate that your body needs a detox.

Reasons For Your Condition


Let us first delve into the many factors that cause the body to wear out. Outdoor air pollution is on the rise. Even in developed countries, air pollution in the cities is causing the increase of breathing-related symptoms among residents. The burning of fossil-fuels, car exhaust, dust, and industrial activity releases harmful agents into the atmosphere all year round. These agents find their way into our respiratory system.

Pesticides present in food and are water also detrimental to human health. We cannot filter out all these chemicals because the agricultural industry depends on higher yield and needs synthetic intervention. At the same time, organic food is still a costly affair to be adopted on a large scale. Detoxing methods will help flush out the pesticide chemicals from your system.

When you are choosing supplements for a detox, do a fair bit of necessary research. This way, you are able to find an achievable and sustainable routine. Many times, individuals get caught in the moment and follow diet charts that are very tough to follow.

Alcohol And Drugs

Drugs can be illegal or they can be the prescribed ones you are taking for another condition. These have severe side effects on the immune system’s capacity and damage internal organs over a period of time. The harmful molecules stay in your system for a long time and if they are not expelled will cause serious conditions in the long run. Steering away from such dependence is the most obvious step here but a detox is also needed to get the toxins out of your body.

Alcohol in excess takes its toll on the liver. Even in moderation, there are many long-term effects. The liver is a core organ and deals with most of the impurities that the body takes in. A tired liver will have repercussions on the digestive system and affect the functioning of the person.

Personal Care Products

There are chemicals in our food, our drinks, and even our personal care products. From soaps to creams, you are potentially exposing your skin to all sorts of chemicals, some which find their way into the internal organs. Studies have found many toxic products in common personal care items and the industry is constantly faced with accusations of using products that have not been tested properly. So you make-up or shampoo can be adding to the toxin load that is slowly overpowering your body.

Mental Stress

What is it about mental stress that seems to permeate every other aspect of our lives? We have all felt it – whether it is heartbreak or a bad job experience, such emotional trauma wrecks us physically. Stress affects sleep, it reduces the penchant to have a good meal and it distracts people from good routines and pushes them to momentary escapes like alcohol and drugs. Stress is real and it can cause a train-wreck in your body’s immune system, inviting all the toxins to come in.

Bad Diet

Talks about bad diets and related advice can be found all over the internet, to point of being preachy. But it is indeed a real problem with the average American. With processed meats and greasy food being so easily advertised and well-marketed, millions are falling into this health trap. High carb diets promote the growth of harmful yeast like Candida in the system. Liver functioning is strained when processing fat-heavy food and the nutrients in such foods are very less. The body accumulates weight but barely has enough fuel to function. High salt content forms a major chunk of toxins that get released into your system.

Signs That You Need A Detox

Digestive Issues

Are you feeling bloated? Do you suffer from cycles of constipation and diarrhea? Is abdominal stress trying you down? The digestive system is one of the most active mechanisms in the human body. It is constantly at work, breaking down food into respective nutrients to be absorbed and transported to the rest of the organs.

Daria Shevtsova

There are many friendly microbes that exist in our gut that help in the digestive system and also fight other harmful yeasts and microbes. Certain unhealthy diets and medications can deplete the good bacteria and increase the presence of yeast and other unwanted microbes. This upsets the functioning of your digestive system and you end up experiencing the discomfort mentioned above. A detox helps restore the correct balance in your gut.


When your body is not getting its nutrients to replenish itself you will not be able to function properly. Toxins adversely affect liver and gut functions, constantly stressing them. As a result, you may be experiencing chronic fatigue –tiredness that does not seem to go away even after you have got some rest. This is clear signs that you need to push the toxins out of your body with a detox process and give your organs a break.

Giving your organs a break and allowing them to re-calibrate back to the old efficient way of functioning – that is essentially the simple gist of a good detox program. Diet is a huge factor in turning the tables and achieving the healthy lifestyle that you desire.

A detox diet puts you on the right track. Simple things like more fiber and less carb content will help you reduce the intake of toxins. Then there are certain foods that help discharge all those bad chemicals. Specialty supplements and herbal beverages also go a long way as detox elements. Whatever combination you choose, make a wise decision and stick to the plan till the end of the detox tenure.

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