Dr. Jart Beauty Balm with SPF 45 Reviews

As some of you may know, I’m planning my first summer vacation trip to Cancun this July with my family and I can’t wait! One of my first thoughts after ‘what am I gonna wear?’ was ‘how am I gonna prevent sunburns?’ I am very pale and I have this tendency of getting sunburned, especially on my nose, if I don’t wear a strong SPF on my face. I am determined to not spend this vacation looking like Rudolph so I’ve been on the hunt for a product that was not only vacation friendly, but beach friendly and that had a high SPF. I am mostly gonna spend my time on the beach or going to places where I can zip-line and do other fun and outdoor-sy activities. The last thing I want to deal with is foundation, but I do want some sort of light coverage and it provides sunscreen protection, then that’s a win-win in my book!

dr jart beauty balm with spf 45 2After looking up countless of BB creams and tinted moisturizers on Sephora and Ulta, I was the most intrigued by this Beauty Balm Multi-Action Skincare Makeup with SPF 45. That’s one of the highest SPF’s I’ve seen for a BB cream! I looked at the reviews and they were really positive and I decided to take advantage of my Sephora VIB 15% off discount last week and I got this. I live in Arizona where it’s normally over 110 degrees in the Summer so I love that I will get a good use out of this.

Dr. Jart Beauty Balm with SPF 45 Review:

I love anything that can embrace the my lazy side. I don’t usually wear foundation and tend to opt for something very light like BB creams, powder foundations or light-coverage foundations when I do wear them. This BB cream was exactly what I was looking for. One of my main issues with BB creams is that the shade range is very limited and most have warm undertones to them. When I found out that this comes in only two shades, I was a little bit worried that they wouldn’t be a match for me. But I think this matches my skin better than the foundations I have. The color is neutral and perfect for my skin, I imagine it would work well for people with cool and warm undertones too.
dr jart beauty balm with spf 45 3 dr jart beauty balm with spf 45 4

The formula is like most BB creams, it’s a little bit heavier but applies and has the finish of a moisturizer. I was able to easy apply and blend this on my face with my fingers and it gave me a really pretty and natural finish, just the right amount of coverage to camouflage my redness but still keeping a light and dewy finish. Since this is a BB cream with SPF, and a high count SPF, it does have a slight SPF scent and finish which I didn’t mind at all. I’ve been using it everyday this past week and I love how it looks so good on its own as well with my usual makeup. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky and my makeup goes on the same way as when I wear foundation or powder. I love that it comes with a pump for easy convenience and the packaging is very nice. I’ll be using this product a lot this Summer and on my vacation and I can’t wait! If you’re looking for a good summer beauty product with really good sunscreen protection, look no further than the Dr. Jart Beauty Balm.
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Have you tried this brand yet? What’s your favorite face product with SPF?


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