Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette + Swatches Reviews

The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette was one of my most anticipated palettes late last year. I went through so much trouble to get this damn palette because it was only available for VIB Sephora members at first (and I wasn’t one at the time) so I used my sister’s account in order to try to buy it. I had a Sephora gift card to use for it but since it was a JC Penney/Sephora gift card, they wouldn’t accept it at I went to two Sephora’s in town (which are almost one hour away from me) and tried to exchange them for normal gift cards but for some reason they didn’t let me. At my third and last Sephora visit, I spoke to the manager and he was nice enough to switch it to a normal gift card so finally, this palette would be mine! I really tried to love this palette, I mean look how freaking adorable the packaging is and the cute heart-shaped pans? Unfortunately, I ended up being very disappointed in this palette…

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette Review:

Description from Website:

Discover a candy-coated confection of heart-shaped delights with 16 matte and shimmer shades in cool pops of color, sugary brights, and beautiful go-to neutrals—all infused with our chocolate-scented, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder formula. Chocolate Bon Bons is the third palette in our bestselling Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection (and some might say the cutest!). We’ve included our signature Glamour Guide with three beauty looks to get you started, but don’t stop there—the looks are limitless. ($49)


  • Infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder
  • 14 brand new shades plus 2 cult favorites to allow limitless eye looks
  • Research has shown that the scent of cocoa is a natural mood-booster
  • Heart-shaped pans and rich candied brights make this the perfect addition to the Chocolate Bar family

My Thoughts:

This is sadly the most disappointing eye shadow palette I own. I hate to say it but my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes ($35) and the BH Cosmetics eye shadow palettes ($12) are so much better than this and considerably cheaper. I remember I used to watch a YouTube video of a beauty guru swatching them on her arm and the claims are that these shadows are supposed to be one swipe swatches and the color is supposed to be very pigmented. I don’t know if I’m just too pale for most of these shadows to show up on me, or if the pigmentation is just really bad but I feel like I get no color payoff when I use these shadows. I have tried using this with several different primers, wetting my brush, using a mist on my brush and nothing seems to work. I can get a much better color payoff from other shadows. I had to use about 3 swipes on almost all the colors for the swatches I took for this post.

Other than the adorable packaging, I do really love the color options this palette has. I love neutral colors and this has some really great ones, especially the matte shades. These were a little bit better than the shimmer shades but I still felt like I had to work harder just for the color to show up. Some colors are better than others. Almond Truffle, Mocha and Pecan Praline are my favorite colors of the palette. Satin Sheets makes a really pretty highlighter but didn’t do much on my eyes. Divinity is great as a brow bone shadow and Bordeux is probably the most pigmented shade of the palette. The prettiest shade is Molasses Chip but the other colors were a major disappointment, especially the three pink shades, Cafe Au Lait and Black Currant.

I used to want the Chocolate Bar palettes but after getting this one I think I’m better off sticking with eye shadow palettes from Anastasia, Tarte and BH Cosmetics. This is another reason why I was never interested in the Peach palette either (other than the fact that the colors didn’t appeal to me either). I really wanted to love this one, but it just didn’t work for me. I think this works better on people with olive or slightly darker skin tones than mine, but I’m not one of those people. I will admire this palette because it’s so pretty, but other than using it for picture props I don’t see myself reaching for this palette every often. I can’t even remember the last time I used this. Have you tried any eye shadow palettes from Too Faced? This was my first and I really hope their other eye shadow palettes are better than this.

Have you tried this product yet? What are your favorite products from Too Faced?


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