Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Is it just me or are dads harder to buy gifts for for Father’s day? I know exactly what to get my mom for Mother’s Day, pretty much anything that can show off pictures of grandkids will make her happy, but something for my dad and my boyfriend? I always draw a blank even though my oldest kid is 8 years old by now. I finally realized that dad’s don’t really care about gifts. I’m not sure of all dads but if I were to give my dad or boyfriend a picture book or a phone case with pictures of our kids, I’m not entirely sure they would used them. Especially my dad who we can’t seem to get him to get rid of his flip-phone. Last year, I got a small gift from the kids to give him and put together a tub (those nice aluminum ones) with all of his favorites. His favorite beer, chips, beef jerky, chocolate, and other cute things. It was something he actually liked and used. Here are a few gifts I found for the more modern day dad.

Gift Ideas:

Luchador Bottle Opener ($7): We’re Hispanic and my boyfriend has this weird fascination with Mexican luchadores and beer openers. I saw this one Pinterest a few months ago and hunted it down so I could buy it. My guy loves it and so do all his friends.

Pint Glass Beer Mug with Beer Opener Base ($14): The simple yet innovative design of the Pint Glass Opener is essential for every beer glass collection. No need to hunt for a bottle opener as the stainless steel base features both a bottle and cap opener that’s great for backyard barbeques and tailgate parties. The 16-ounce glass is durable, practical and stackable. 100% BPA free and dishwasher safe.

iPhone Beer Opener Case ($25): I bought this for my guy a few years ago and it was a hit. Everyone needs a phone case, one with a built in beer opener on it? Perfect! This actually lasted a while until he changed phones and had to get a new case. There are many different versions of the beer opener case and some are as cheap as $10. Amazon has a ton.

#1 Dad Metal Grilling Spatula ($10): Both my dad and my boyfriend love to drill, this would make such a cute item for a ‘dad’ gift basket. Plus, it has a built in beer opener already.

Father’s Day Cheers for Dad Pilsner Glass ($8): The glass says it all, its’ a cute quote and would make a fun gift.

Father’s Day Grill Daddy Grilling Tool Hanger ($10): Perfect for those dads that love to grill, a handy place to hang all their grilling utensils and spatulas.

Father’s Day Man Cave Hanging Wall Sign ($10): A perfect gift for all the dads with man caves!

Father’s Day Grandpa Coffee Mug ($8): Who can forget the grandpas? My dad actually loves anything to do with music/headphones but this would make a cute gifts from the grandkids to their tata, especially since he is coffee addicted.


Did any of these give you ideas for gifts? What do you usually get for Father’s Day?

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