Healthy Avocado & Egg White Toast Breakfast

Confession: I looooooove avocados! I will eat them with almost anything and I have to have them around in my house at all times. I’ve been eating hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, now that I’m eating better. But that can get boring after a while. I saw a similar recipe on Pinterest and decided to try this out.

Healthy Avocado & Egg White Toast Breakfast

All you need is a piece of toast (preferably wheat), half an avocado (smashed up) and two hard-boiled eggs. You can add a little bit of salt and pepper to your avocado to add more flavor as well as adding some on top of the eggs. I don’t like the cooked yolk so I take it out and only add the egg whites to my toast. It was so good and kept me full for a long time.

Let me know if you decide to try this out!

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