How Does Buying Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Make a Difference?

How Does Buying Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Make a Difference

Since the commercial sale of cosmetics has existed, animal testing has been a standard practice. But we have recently begun to see a shift in ideologies. Many consumers now agree that testing on animals is unethical and ineffective.

Recent developments in technology and medicine offer another way to test these products. Companies have alternatives and consumers have a choice. This has led to the development of ethical cosmetic brands. Brands which claim that their products are no longer, or never were, tested on animals.

How Does Buying Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Make a Difference

So, does buying cruelty free products actually make a difference? We think so. Read on to find out about the benefits of buying ethical cosmetics.

It’s better for animals

This statement seems pretty obvious, yet most people aren’t aware of the extent to which animals suffer during cosmetic testing. Most of us have never researched the exact procedures involved in these tests. It doesn’t seem important. Of course, we’re aware that it’s not ideal for these animals, but how bad can it be? Without describing the distressing details, lab tests are invasive, painful and often fatal.

When they’re not being used for testing, animals survive in poor conditions inside laboratories. Their only purpose is to be tested upon. Which is why corporations do not invest time or money in providing clean, comfortable living conditions for them. Laboratories are not subject to the same animal cruelty laws that we abide by. While regulations for animal testing do exist, it is hard for authorities to enforce them. Besides, what is legal inside a lab, is often illegal outside of it.

We have to ask ourselves why this double standard exists. When you buy ethical products you get peace of mind knowing that you haven’t supported questionable testing practices.

It will encourage brands to improve

The cruelty free movement is already taking off. As more and more consumers turn to ethical brands, it forces big corporations to take notice. Sure, they may not see an immediate reduction in their profits, but we can begin to hold large companies accountable.

Consumers are aware that controversial methods are used at testing facilities. Exposing brands who continue with animal testing will force them to make a choice. They either accept supporting animal cruelty or they commit to changing their processes.

If the cruelty free movement does threaten to outpace traditional testing methods, larger brands will have no choice but to change. Consumers have buying power and choose where to spend their money. If more people demand cruelty free, brands will have to deliver. In addition to this, cruelty free brands could become successful enough to offer more products in more places. This will make it easy for consumers to turn down large brands in favor of smaller, ethical ones.

Governments in some countries have passed laws to make it illegal to test on animals. India, Norway and Israel already prohibit cosmetic testing within their borders. Other countries have started to follow suit by introducing stricter regulations. If you start buying cruelty free now, you’re already two steps ahead. Adding ethical brands to your beauty routine could be necessary when it becomes harder to get your hands on your go-to lipstick.

It’s socially conscious

Cruelty free cosmetics have a positive impact on both the economy and the environment. In most cases, ethical cosmetic brands are still small businesses. Larger brands may take steps to improve their testing processes, but this is the foundation of cruelty free brands. Supporting small businesses helps to make them successful. Which in turn creates jobs and strengthens the economy.

How does buying ethical products benefit the environment?

By reducing waste. For now, cruelty free products are less accessible than larger brands. Which means you’re less likely to buy unnecessary products. Ethical products can sometimes be more expensive too, which requires you to be more frugal with your beauty routine. You won’t find yourself throwing away boxes of unused products every six months if you’re careful about what you buy.

It’s better for you

We’ve talked about the reasons that cruelty free cosmetics contribute to the greater good, but what about you? It seems selfish to think about animal testing on an individual level, but you buy and use these products. Consumers need to know that they’re paying for the best quality cosmetics.

Have you ever wondered how similar animal and human skin really are? The genetic differences between the two mean that these tests may not be producing reliable results. Because of this, scientists have made incredible progress in developing alternatives.

There are ways that companies can test their cosmetics using technology and medicine. Including replicating human organs, creating digital models and even using in vitro technology. In fact, studies show that in vitro testing could produce faster, more accurate results than animal testing.

While we wait for larger brands to invest in technology, we can be sure that cruelty free cosmetics are safe. They only contain ingredients that have already been tested. So you know that you are putting healthy products on your skin and hair. Cruelty-Free Kitty reports that there are over 7,000 pre-approved ingredients to choose from. So why do many brands continue to support a cruel system?

As well as the physical benefits that cruelty free products offer, they can improve mental wellbeing too. If you are not yet using cruelty free products, you may feel guilty. It’s not a good feeling when you know that your products haven’t been manufactured in ethical conditions. Imagine knowing that no animals were harmed to make your shampoo. Imagine knowing that your moisturizer is helping to end this cruelty altogether. That’s sure to give you a healthy glow!

If you’re thinking about going cruelty free but you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! There are plenty of brands that don’t test on animals and resources to help you find them. The demand for ethical products has led to the development of cruelty free logos. Look out for these stamps to ensure that you’re buying products that were not tested on animals.

You might think that your choices are limited, but you’ll be surprised to learn which brands are committed to ending animal cruelty. The movement has started, all you have to do is join it!

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