60X More Vitamin C Than Oranges: How Rosehips Can Rescue Your Health

How Rosehips Can Rescue Your Health

How Rosehips Can Rescue Your Health

If you wish to boost your health by strengthening your immune system, one of the most important vitamins you should load up on is vitamin C. This essential vitamin is commonly present in citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Apart from making the body resistant to diseases, vitamin C is also a beauty buddy. It is responsible for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body. So if you want bright, clear, young-looking skin, you will find that a lot of essences, moisturizers and serums have vitamin C.

There are certainly plenty of sources of vitamin C. The fresh juices that you enjoy every day, the salads you have for lunch, the tea you drink to wind down at night – all of these are typically abundant with the said vitamin. But if you’re looking for a highly potent source of vitamin C, then rosehip is what you need to find.

A Potent Source of Vitamin C and Other Healthy Chemicals

Rosehip contains loads of vitamin C. It has way more vitamin C than oranges, other citrus fruits and veggies do. So if you’re sickly and you don’t get the recommended daily amount of vitamin C from your diet, a supplement with rosehip is always a good option to consider.

This wonderful vitamin C source can do so much in improving your overall well-being. So, what other health issues can it help with?

It can strengthen your bones, teeth and gums.

Vitamin C supplements such as those with rosehip can work hand in hand with iron to control the risk of osteoporosis and tooth and jawbone deterioration because of aging. The ability of Vitamin C to improve the absorption of iron can also prevent scurvy.

Suffice it to say, for good skeletal and oral health, a generous dose of vitamin C from rosehip helps tremendously.

It can aid in the treatment of diabetes.

Endocrinologists have often said that the cornerstone to effective diabetes management is lifestyle modification. In addition, rosehip has been found to lower blood sugar levels, which means it is helpful in the treatment of diabetes. Daily intake of rosehip supplements or drinking rosehip tea may also improve glucose tolerance.

It can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The high amount of antioxidants and flavonoids in rosehip have been found to protect the heart from various heart diseases. Research conducted by scientists at Lund University in Sweden shows a vast improvement in the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of obese people who consumed a drink with rosehip powder.

It can reduce arthritic pain.

Daily intake of rosehip supplements has been found effective against sore joints. A study on patients with arthritic pain reveals that there is about a 40 percent drop in pain levels after regular intake of rosehip capsules for a certain period of time. Not only that, there’s also a 25 percent improvement in mobility.

It can control stomach issues.

You can use rosehip as a tonic against stomach disorders such as spasms, irritation, stomach acid deficiency and ulcers. So, if you have an upset stomach, everything from vitamin C supplements with rosehip to rosehip tea can help beat that.

It can treat constipation.

The fruit acids found in rosehip have a gentle laxative effect. Its high fiber content also helps encourage frequent and regular bowel movements. If you are having a bit of trouble voiding every day, drinking a warm cup of rosehip tea can help take care of this.

It can assist weight loss.

The laxative effect of taking rosehip oil plays an important role in helping you maintain a healthy weight. Other studies also reveal that daily intake of rosehip extract can reduce abdominal visceral fat, which is why a lot of health companies are now promoting rosehip as an anti-obesity solution.

It can minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

A lot of professional models actually swear by rosehip oil in treating stretch marks from childbirth and weight loss. Since rosehip is rich in vitamin C which boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body, it can do wonders in minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.

In addition, frequent topical application also improves skin elasticity, texture and complexion.

Those are just some of the established health benefits provided by vitamin C-rich rosehip. More studies are being conducted to discover the fullest extent of what it can do to improve people’s health and well-being, so stay informed — and in the meantime, find different ways of incorporating rosehip into your self-care routine.



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