How to Deal With Midlife Crisis

How to Deal With Midlife Crisis

Do you believe in the existence of a mid-life crisis?  Some people say that this is an excuse that aging people give while others agree that midlife crisis is real. People explain this crisis in all kinds of ways while others have come up with research to show that it does not exist. How then can those who don’t believe in it, explain the overwhelming stress when you are turning 40, divorced and losing loved ones?

This crisis is not a theory but a reality that affects many people. It does not have a specific age though most people experience it between 40 and 50. The period comes with complications that make most people stressed. Some end up getting depression when they have no support to fight the crisis. Below is a discussion regarding the causes the crisis, and how to manage the effects.

6 Main Causes of Midlife Crisis

Relationships Breakup

You may have spent most of your youth with the love of your life then all of a sudden things stop working out. Going through tough times in a marriage that worsens each day, with the request for a divorce from a partner, may stress you out. Such situations come with more complicated issues like having to split properties as well as fighting for custody of children. This may cause lots of emotional distress that can make people turn to drug abuse.

Health Complications

Most people age with health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Such conditions are new to a person who has always been active while young. Health issues cause stress on a person since they do not understand how to adjust to the changes in their bodies quickly. Adapting to new diets according to your condition may be hard for some people.

Parents Aging

At this stage, your parents may have retired and aged. This comes with new responsibilities of having to take care of them as expected. Financial instability may make you strain to balance your family and supporting your aging parents. It brings confusion and can lead to poor decision making.

Death of Close Friends and Family

Burying a friend is never easy if you have all the above problems to think about. It may make you question your religion as some end up doubting their faith. Such situations are what lead to people changing religion during a mid-life crisis because they cannot understand how God took away their loved ones.

Retirement or the Loss of a Job

Having what you treasure doing the most suddenly taken from you might leave you depressed. Losing a career out of not knowing how to manage problems in your life can trigger this crisis. Retiring too makes you wonder how life is going to be afterward. Even if we all work hard to retire someday, this transformation may not be easy to adjust to.

Financial Problems

Taking a loan these days has become the trend. You may turn 40 with so many debts and lack of enough money to settle them. This may weigh you down as you start wishing you could make better life choices while young.


Most Common Midlife Crisis Symptoms

There is a feeling of lack of satisfaction in life. This makes people want to explore different paths that may help them find the purpose of their existence. The things that bring you joy suddenly start becoming boring. The need to change a profession and start over may creep in during a midlife crisis.

You may start adventuring on new outlets trying to understand yourself better. Some people turn to shopping as a way making themselves feel good. Others end up losing their focus by indulging in vices that only worsen the situation. A man may start looking for younger women to date instead of trying to fix his marriage. While men tend to get more sexually active, some women lose their sex urge. Coping with menopause brings distress to most ladies.


How to Deal With Midlife Crisis in 5 Simple Ways

Seeking help

seeking help to battle midlife crisis

You can start by accepting that all is not well and seek advice from reliable sources. Facilities such as drug rehabs in boulder, co will help you with your drug problem. This stage requires you to be sober so that you can handle everything that life throws at you responsibly.

Get rid of frustration

Holding on to grudges is not healthy when you are prone to conditions such as ulcers. Let go of the frustration that made you lose your job and look for better alternatives. Put away your resentments towards others and work with people who can support you during this difficult moment.

Nurture yourself

Take a break from your daily routine to reflect on your life. Use this moment to avoid all the pressures in your life by taking on a fun activity that makes you happy. You can decide to spend your day without checking on your phone or replying to stressful emails.

Eat healthy foods

Take healthy foods that do not affect your condition. Reduce cholesterol levels in your body by eating whole grains as well as vegetables. A healthy diet also boosts how your mind functions.


Change your boredom by enrolling in a gym class that changes your moods. In case you are too busy to register, you can purpose to take a jog for about 30 minutes every day before embarking on your daily schedule. Exercising your body works on your stress levels as well as your weight so that you can lose some pounds. Get back in shape through workouts to regain more confidence to fight life challenges. It also helps you improve your sex life as you work on the tension caused by stress.


Final thoughts

Most people who do not believe in the existence of this crisis are young adults who have not experienced tough life challenges. It may reach a time in your life when you realize how discontented you are with life choices. This is what shocks people to go through the midlife stress and depression. Use this phase to change your life positively so that you can save your breaking marriage and take control of your finances. This is your chance to find your purpose in your life.

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