How To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger: 4 Smart Tricks

How To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

How To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, actually a lot more than we realize. Whether you are relaxing, getting ready for work or just sleeping, it remains a prominent room in any home. However, often due to costs, location and various other factors you may find yourself living in a small bedroom. If you’re not prepared to renovate or buy/rent a bigger house, your only other option is to try and make your bedroom look and feel bigger.

Thankfully the designers from have a few simple tips to help you achieve just that. Here are four smart hacks on how to make a small bedroom feel bigger that you can try today!

Start by decluttering your room

Many people try and put too many furniture pieces and random items in their bedroom. When you’re faced with the reality of a small room, the result will be a feeling of being cramped in and actually the exact opposite of what we want you to achieve with this guide.

Instead, be smart about it and declutter where you can. This could be in the form of furniture pieces. If you’re a single person living in a small bedroom, do you need bed stands on each side of your bed?

Do you use that extra chair you’ve tried to fit into the room? Do you even use the extra lamp you’ve added to the corner? Try and remove as many unwanted and unused goods as possible and it will make a world of a difference.

Save space and be creative

Adding to our previous point where we mentioned that less furniture might be a great idea for a small room, creative space saving furniture is also a great option. The internet is full of DIY storage saving ideas, but you might not even have to go that far.

Instead look for simple furniture items like a bed with storage underneath the frame, desks or even chairs that can be folded and stored away. It can even be as simple as adding a cupboard or dresser to store additional clothing or random items that are always lying around.

Use mirrors and mirrored furniture

An age-old technique to increase the perception of room size is using mirrors. Since mirrors can be places on most linear surfaces, it could be as easy as placing one on the back of your door, your cupboard or dresser or placing it near a windowed area.

Another not-so-traditional way of achieving this look is by adding a mirrored lingerie chest or dresser into the mix. If you’re women and don’t have a unique and separate way of storing your collectibles, jewelry and unique clothing items, a dresser could be just what you need.

Here’s where you’ll find a few space inducing mirrored lingerie chests:

Shelving can be just what you need

If the area of your bedroom is small and you’ve done all you can to save space, declutter and improve the height and depth perception with mirrors maybe it’s time to start thinking vertical.

You can choose to construct shelving units and thereby make sure that not one single area of space is lost. A popular shelving design trend is using metal piping and wooden boards to construct vertical shelving units and create an industrial feel.

You can even build these above desks, leave space for picture frames or portraits and get very creative with your design.

In closing

These were  some of the easiest bedroom resizing ideas out there, yet when implemented correctly they can make a world of a difference. Seeing that it’s still early days for 2018, why not get your story straight, fix up your room by implementing our tips, and finally be proud to show friends and whoever comes knocking at your door your stylish, space-friendly bedroom!

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