How To Use An Epilator: 6 Important Tips

How To Use An Epilator

Shaving off the hair on your armpit, face, hands, leg and private parts is something you should do regularly. The shaving of the hair of the legs is known as epilating, and this is mainly associated with the ladies. The legs are one of the open and visible parts of the body, and it brings elegance to a lady. Having the hair on your legs neatly shaved is something that is sure to make you look beautiful and more adorable. Here in this article, I’ll show you how to use an Epilator.

1. Get The Right Device

Making the right choice of device you’re going to use is something you should consider at first. Choose a high-quality device that can work efficiently and can last you for any time of use Epilator can be used for the face, armpits etc. There is also the dry and wet epilators for different purposes. So make sure to choose a good quality epilator for use. You can also buy extra accessories for aid in shaving. For dry epilation, make use of moist skin care products.

2. Make Sure The Epilator Is Fully Charged

For battery powered epilators, make sure you charge it to the maximum capacity. You wouldn’t want to stop halfway when getting rid of the hair on your body. So making sure your epilator is ready is a very good way to get started on epilating.

3. Epilate At Night

Epilating at night is highly recommended. A common side effect of shaving is redness of the skin (mostly the legs and face) and thus shaving at night would help to limit the effects of skin redness. And also, when you’re trying to epilate your skin, you might want to exfoliate your skin to help with easy removal and less pain.

4. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating would help to reduce the texture of the skin and help in preventing unusual rapid regrowth of hair on the areas that have been epilated. It also helps in easy removal of hair( especially when you leave them to in the case of a dry epilator) and produces less pain to your body Also, try to get some bath. Bath using warm or cold water, but never use hot water. Hot water tends to break the skin, the skin pores and increase pain while exfoliating. For underarms, make sure to wash and completely dry them. Dry your skin after taking a bath, as this makes it possible for the epilator to have fast progress. Dry hairs are easier to remove using an epilator.

5. Shave Slowly

Epilate by anti-growth direction, and try to keep calm. Take it slowly and continuously if you want to shave every hair off Try to start from a point where your skin is less sensitive, as this would reduce the pain. Also try to stretch your skin while shaving as this would reduce the pain more This would also reduce the pain when you approach sensitive areas.

You’re advised to put it at its lowest speed, as this would not only reduce pain but also help in proper cleaning of the hair. When shaving the underarms, you are advised to go slowly as it has a very sharp and cutting pain when you’re shaving for the first time

6. Proper Hygiene After Use

Proper hygiene would not only make you feel good after epilating or shaving, but it would also make your equipment last longer for you Taking a shower or bath after epilating would give you a protective feeling and also reduce itching and pain. Make use of shower gels, as they produce a cold sensation to cool down your skin. You can also make use of body cream or lotion to help soothe your skin and give it a fresh look.

For underarms, after shaving, you can make use of deodorants, and other underarms care agents. Also, make sure to clean your epilators and keep them in the optimum condition stated for them. Washing your wet epilators would cause no harm, as they are designed to be used in a shower. Although, you are not advised to soak it in water, as its resistivity may wear off. Do not let water get into your dry epilator and try as much as possible to keep your epilators dust and dirt free. You can find more epilator and shaver on

Epilating your skin is better when compared to shaving and waxing, as both tend to leave your skin looking haggard. So epilate as much as possible, as this would help reduce the pain you would encounter when shaving with an epilator next time.

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