I Never Leave My House Without…

Another edition of Top Ten Tuesday, this time I’m sharing the my top ten things I never leave my house without. I’m kind of a newbie in visiting beuty blogs so if you have any good beauty blogs to recommend me, leave me a link in the comments ?

I Can Never Leave My House Without:

  • 1. My phone: I would like to think I’m not one of those people who is constantly attached to their phone. I would be lying to myself though. I have pretty much everything on my phone so it’s like the first thing I grab when I leave the house.
  • 2. Filling in my brows: So this isn’t really a ‘thing’ but I never leave home without filling in my brows. Brows change your whole look and I have practically none. The few hairs I do have are so light and sparse so I never leave my house without filling in my brows, even if it’s just some quick powder or tinted brow gel. I don’t mind leaving my house without makeup, but I can’t do it without my brows done.
  • 3. Lip Balm/Chapstick: I am obsessed with lip balms! I have one on my desk, my dresser, my car, my purse and downstairs in my kitchen at all times. I hate the feel of nothing on my lips so lip balm is a must for me.
  • 4. Some kind of book: It could be a physical book, my kindle or my phone which has my kindle app and my Audible app that has all my audiobooks on it, but I always have to have some kind of reading material, just in case.
  • 5. Hair ties: I love having my hair in a ponytail, especially when I’m out. I always make sure to have a few in my purse for me or my girls and to restock once I use them all up. Hair in my face gets on my nerves.
  • 6. Gum: I’m kind of addicted to gum. I chew it mostly to keep me from biting my nails, but it’s sort of become a habit by now. I go through like a pack every 2-3 days and I always make sure I have some with me.
  • 7. Notepad/Notebook: I love notebooks, I love to scribble any thought that pops into my head and I make sure to carry a small notepad in my purse with me.
  • 8. Headphones: I love to listen to music and audiobooks and I like carrying my headphones with me all the time, just in case I get stuck somewhere and I need to listen to something to keep me entertained.
  • 9. Pens: What good is a notepad if I have nothing to write in it with???
  • 10. Light jacket or sweater: You would think that me living in Arizona, I would never get cold, but you would be so wrong! I get cold very easily, even in the summer. I always make sure to have a lightweight cardigan with me in the summer or a hoodie in the winter otherwise I will look like a shaking chihuahua dog.

I don’t like carrying around makeup in my bag and I forget to throw a mirror in my purse most of the time. So other than my usual necessities like my keys and my wallet, these are the things I can never leave home without. What about you?

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