L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer

I love primers. Even when I don’t wear foundation or foundation powder, I always like to wear primers to smooth out my pores. I mostly use powders to highlight my face, but I’ve been curious about the liquid highlighters. I’ve heard good things about the L’Oreal Magic Lumi primer, and I always like to try out the drugstore version of a new product instead of spending more money on something I may not like. This primer is part of L’Oreal Magic Collection, which I have to say that I want to try every single item! I already have the L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Primer Base which I really loved.

Description from website:

Enlighten your complexion with a light infusing primer. Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer is a unique liquid light formula that blends seamlessly into skin to boost its liveliness and luminosity. Texture is smoothed and toned for a natural-looking complexion. Use with True Match Lumi and Magic Lumi highlighter for an added boost of luminosity.

Universal shade suitable for all skin types and tones. Use it alone for a supple, dewy look, mix it with your foundation for an all over radiant finish or dab it on key areas as a highlighter. ($12.95)

I’ve only been using this under my foundation so far, but I’m curious to try it mixed with my foundation. I really love how well this blends while leaving a slight shimmer/sheen. You can also use this to directly highlight certain areas of your face. I think that out of all the normal drugstore beauty brands (not including Nyx or Elf since those are mostly sold at Target) L’Oreal is my favorite brand. I’ve seen bloggers compare this to the Nars Illuminating Cream, which is a lot more pricier than this. I’d rather spend $13 on this primer.

Have you used this Magic Lumi primer yet? What are some of your favorite illuminating primers?

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