L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base

One of the reasons I never used to wear foundations before this year is that I have fairly large pores. Large pores + foundation is usually not a good mix. Luckily, my sister told me about primers and after experimenting with a few I knew this would make a difference on my view on foundations. I’ve tried silicone primers, lotion based primers and tinted primers and I quite like all of them for different reasons and different uses. I’ve tried quite a few different primers over the last few months, but the one I had been using most recently was the Maybelline Master Prime (redness control) and I really liked it, but I found it would make my L’Oreal Pro-Matte Foundation oxidize. I’ve heard to use foundations and primers from the same brand to make sure they are compatible with each other and after a trip to the drugstore, I ended up choosing the L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. (That is a mouthful of a name!)

I had yet to see this in my trips to Target and I haven’t really heard about this from other blogs and I was curious. Also, I’ll admit that it was the cute container that persuaded me to buy this. This stuff really is like magic! Like I said, I have large pores, especially on my nose and this smoothed them right over. Not only did it smooth over my pores, but the matte finish it gave my skin was so good. I would wear this without foundation if I was ever in a rush, or lazy. The formula is not really silicone-y or lotion-y, but it’s a very lightweight and silky mousse-like product that blends very well on your face. I use a pew dabs on my face and spread them out in circular motions until it’s all blended out on my skin.

Not only is the finish really great, but it stopped my foundation from changing on me, which is a plus. Another plus was the price, I believe this was only $11-12, which is not bad at all compared to other primers. I’ve tried drugstore primers and non-drugstore primers and have found some that I really like and others that I just didn’t like personally for me, but this Magic Perfecting Base primer is one of my favorites. Probably my current favorite. My skin looks better, my foundation looks better and I just feel like my makeup overall looks better.

Have you tried this primer yet? Let me know some of your favorite drugstore and high end primers in the comments so I can check them out!

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