Makeup Hacks That You Should Know To Be on Time Everywhere!

Makeup Hacks

Sometimes we do not have an extra hour to spend in front of the mirror to create the perfect makeup look. However, late nights and sharp deadlines need not get in the way for you looking absolutely flawless. Here are some quick makeup hacks that will help you pull off your signature look every day, even when you’re in a rush:

Start with the Sharp Gaze:

Starting with your eyes is always the best option as you can get the most out of your efforts with just a quick swatch of eyeshadow and mascara. What’s more, eye makeup also allows you to add the extra layer of pop to your face without the risk of compromising your foundation! We recommend you to have Q-tips dipped in moisturizer in one hand to simply get rid of any smudges that you may make in the process.

Makeup Hacks

Add a Pop of Colour:

This beauty hack is a must-know for everyone, no matter what! That lipstick in your handbag has more than one use. Dab a little lipstick on the tip of your fingers and lightly dab it on the apple of your cheeks and on your eyelid to add some pop to your overall look.

Foundation Drops to the Rescue:

If you haven’t already invested in this product, our makeup tricks with this miracle worker will have you looking it up on your next trip to the mall. Foundation drops are simply an extension of your usual foundation with just one difference – that they are highly pigmented in colour! This allows you to mix one to two drops of your foundation with your usual moisturizer for a finished look and with half the effort! However, do make sure that you use it with the right kind of moisturizer, else the end result might end up looking cakey.

Start at the Center:

As much as you love your lip colours, you might not have time every morning to do a full-fledged lipstick routine, but that’s no reason for you to go without that perfect lipstick that compliments your outfit! You can always put on lipstick on the go by just applying your lip colour to the centre of your lips and then spreading it to the rest of the area by pursing your lips and distributing a bit of the colour with your hand.  This will also give your lips a light, subtle look. If you find yourself short of a compact mirror, your phone’s front camera is equally up to the task!

Use Eyeshadow Instead of Eyeliner:


It is difficult to resist the allure of that perfect, dramatic swatch of eyeliner. But mastering that even line is difficult in itself, let alone when you’re in a rush! But our simple beauty tricks will get you creating dramatic eyes in a jiffy! Did you know that you could also use your eyeshadow as eyeliner? Here’s how: Just dampen your makeup brush before taking up colour from the eyeshadow pallet and then apply it like an eyeliner with a quick, clean swatch. You can also use a thin eyeliner brush for a soft, yet sharp look when you’re in a hurry.

Concealer Power:

It so happens that sometimes you’re in such a rush that you only have time to apply one product. If you find yourself in such scenarios, you can skip all other makeup products altogether and stick to one essential, the concealer. Quickly dab concealer on all the dark spots and blemishes to give your skin a natural, clean look. A clear, minimalist look is any day better than a full-makeup look that appears to be applied in a hurry. If you still want a dash of colour, you can always apply tinted lip gloss while you’re on the go!

Always Keep Scotch Tape Handy:

For those of you who just cannot go without your sharp cat eyes, scotch tape will always save time in busy mornings. Just apply a swatch of scotch tape at the corner of your eyelid where you’d want your wing to be, and then draw an even line. This will help you create the perfect cat eyes without any redoes.

Of all the things that add time to your already busy schedule, makeup should never be an added stress. We hope that our quick beauty hacks will have you looking your absolute best even on your busiest days.

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