Maybelline Master Prime in Blur + Redness Control

Face primers are one of those products that I discovered last year that I felt was pretty life changing. Okay, so maybe not life changing but it definitely made a huge difference in my makeup routine. I have large pores and I never used to wear foundation because I didn’t like how the foundation used to settle into my pores. A good face primer smooths over any pores or fine lines and makes your makeup go on smoother and better (and I think it makes it last longer too. This is the third bottle that I go through of this particular face primer, which is safe to say that it’s my favorite.

My Thoughts:

I have tried two of the face primers from the Maybelline Master Prime by Face Studio collection and this one is my favorite. The other I tried was the Blur + Illuminate option, and I really liked it, but since I’m very fair-skinned and tend to get a bit red or pink I prefer the green option to help with any redness I may have. I’ve tried so many face primers, high-end and drug store, and this is one of the very few that I liked enough to repurchase…3 times. Unlike some primers, this doesn’t have that silicone feel and has the finish of a lotion. As you can see above, it has a very slight green tint to it to counter any redness on your face as well as smoothing over any pores. I like to wear this alone, under my foundation or under my powder when I don’t wear foundation but still want a little coverage.

Whether you are looking for redness control, illumination or primer to smooth pores, the Master Prime line has a face primer for you! At only $8, this is such a steal considering I like this a lot more than primers that I’ve used that are $20-40! As you can see below, the small area on the middle of the back of my hand is a lot smoother where I used the primer as the rest of my hand. This stuff really works! Definitely my favorite primer and proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great products. This is a great base for your makeup as well as a primer to use on its own.
tgio master prime 3

Do you use any products from the Maybelline Master Prime Collection? What are your favorite face primers?

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