Maybelline Master Prime Eye Shadow Base Primers

Eye shadow primers are not something that I use often. I mostly use a simple eye shadow look and the eye shadows I have work pretty damn good one their own, and sometimes I also use concealer as eye shadow primer. For times when I want a really intense eye shadow, I do reach for my primers. Since I don’t use them often, I don’t want to pay a lot of money on an eye shadow primer so I mostly use free samples or the elf one (which I also really like. I’ve been really impressed with Maybelline’s latest beauty products and I had to get one of their eye shadow primers when I saw them at Target. Keep reading below for my thoughts on these products. 🙂

My Thoughts:

These primers come in three different options: Prime + Smooth (410), Prime + Matte (420), and Prime + Illuminate (430). In the store, the 420 and 430 options look really dark (I’m very pale) so I went with the 410 option. This has a slight shimmer that brings works best for satin and shimmer eye shadows. I ended up liking this one so much that I went back a few days later to get the Prime + Matte (420) option for when I want a matte eye look.

The 410 option is really pretty light color and has such a slight shimmer that looks pretty on its own. I swatched a few of my shadows with and without this primer and they look so much brighter and pigmented with this base. I did a smoky eye look last week with my Kat Von D shadows and with just a little eye shadow on my brush, I looked like a panda! I couldn’t tone it down or remove it so I just went with it and added a thicker winged eyeliner that day. So this primer really does bring out the best in your shadows and keeps it in place all day! I wanted a matte option for my matte shadows and my Tartelette palette so I got the 420 primer option. Although it looks a bit dark in the tube, it blends really well on your eyelid and also looks good alone if you don’t want to wear eye shadows but want to cover any darker veins or imperfections on your lids. I’m actually curious to try the Illuminate primer (430) now that I have the other two, although I’m not really sure what is the difference from the Smooth (410) primer.

I was very impressed with both of these products and I’m especially happy with the price. There are certain things I don’t mind wasting a bit more money on and eye shadow primer is not one of them. Especially when I can find a great drugstore option. If you are looking to try out eye shadows primers for the first time or if you are looking for a more affordable option, definitely give these a try! They bring out the best in your eye shadows and give you an even better color payoff.

Have you used this product yet? What’s your favorite drugstore brow product?

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