My Favorite All-Time TV Shows!

favorite tv shows I never really considered myself a girl who watches a lot of tv, but after looking over my favorites list, I realized that I guess I do watch a lot of TV. Or maybe I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the ones I do watch are mostly my favorites. I’m sort of addicted to Netflix and I have a stay away or else I have the tendency to binge. Here are a few of my all-time favorite TV shows.


This will forever be my favorite TV show. EVER! This show was perfection and I remember recording episodes every day in middle school and high school on my tiny tv. Then I used to watch all the reruns on TV and I bought most of the seasons on DVD. When Friends came on Netflix a few months ago, I totally binged hard on the series and enjoyed every second of it. LOVE this show!

Saved by the Bell:

Oh man, I think Zach Morris was my first ever crush. Fictional or real. I still have a bit of a crush on Mark. I was a hard-core Saved by the Bell fan and yes, Zac hwas my favorite. I was a total Zach and Kelly shipper and I may have hated Mario Lopez because he tried to get in the way of that. I have this on my Netflix to-be-binged list, but I need to make time for that many seasons. And yes, I totally freaked out during that epic mini-reunion on Fallon a few months ago.


I loved this show so much. I’ve always been a fan of Reba’s music and I loved this show from the very first episode. I watched this on TV from the first episode to the last, and saw the reruns a few times after that. The dynamic of this family, and Reba’s forgiving heart never ceased to amaze me. No matter how much I wanted to hate Brock and Barbara Jean, a part of me just couldn’t. This is one tv show that I have my fingers and toes crossed that it goes on Netflix soon.

What I Like About You:

Aw, Amanda Bynes. This is another show that I watched from start to finish and loved it so much. I loved Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth and their sister relationship. I was such a Vic fan and I thought the show ended perfectly. I’m also crossing my fingers that this goes up on Netflix soon!


Was this show made for me or what?? I love kick ass girls and a lot of action. Fight scenes and spies and undercover stories are my favorite kind and this is full of them. Maggie Q is a goddess! Plus, I have a soft spot for hackers and Birkoff was one of my favorites. I’m sad the last season was cut short, but I’m glad they gave the fans justice and ended the show right.


I’m a sucker for superheroes, and I love the worlds of Marvel and DC. But, I think I like DC a bit more because their stories are a bit darker. I love Arrow because… Stephen Amell, duh. But I also really enjoy the story, the charcaters, the cast and the visual effects. And oh yes, I totally ship Olicity. This last season started off rocky but ended up being my favorite season. So freaking pumped for season 4, although I have no idea how the show will be still be ‘Arrow.’

The Flash:

Shows rarely get it right from the first season, but The Flash totally pulled it off! It helped that I already had a soft spot for Barry Allen and Caitlynn and Cisco from their special appearances in Arrow, but the dynamic of that cast is spot on. I am not a fan of Iris, at all. And even less of a Barry-Iris fan, so I’m nervous about how season 2 will go. I haven’t seen the season finale yet because I’m nervous one of my favorites will die, and I can’t handle it. ?

The 100:

Oh man, this show is my latest obsession. Yes, the first few episodes were pretty rough and I almost gave up, but I’m glad I didn’t. I love these characters and I’m kind of terrified because the writers have proved over and over that they will not hesitate to kill off favorite characters. Or kill people in general. How many people die per episode??? Is there anyone left?? Luckily, there are several people left and I love the extremely blurry line between wrong and right. After what happened in the season two finale, I can’t wait to see what craziness happens next. Bellarke better happen next season! I don’t remember the last time I shipped a non-couple so hard.

There you have it, my favorite TV shows. Once Upon a Time and Revenge were close, but they are straddling the ‘love it or hate it’ line right now. I have to watch the latest season to make up my mind. Do you watch any of these shows? Which ones are your favorites?


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