My Ideal Blogging Outfit & Essentials

I don’t know about you guys, but I think that loungewear and bralettes are some of the best inventions. I love loungewear and sleepwear and as soon as I walk through the door, I have to take off my normal clothes and put on my comfortable loungewear. And bras? Ugh, those get exchanged by bralettes whenever I’m home. Since I only blog at home, chances are I’m probably in my loungewear/pajamas when I’m blogging. Here is one of my current favorite loungewear outfit that I usually always blog in and a few other essentials I like to have with me when I’m putting together blog post or ideas (not including obvious things like computer or camera).

My Ideal Blogging Outfit & Essentials:

Loungewear hoodie & pants from Aeropostale: I had never been to one of these stores before, but a few months ago we took my boyfriends niece to do some Christmas shopping and once I found their loungewear section, I might have drooled a little. I wanted it all! I ended up getting this heather pink set because I love the neutral color and the fabric. I’m always cold so I usually have my hoodie on too. I wear this so much that I refer to it as my house uniform. I also like that this is acceptable to wear in public if I need to go to the store and I’m too lazy to put on real clothes.

Tank Top: I got this tank top at Marshall’s for like $5 and it’s one of my favorite things to wear at home. I also like to wear this under t-shirts although now that it’s getting warmer I’ll probably be wearing it on its own. I don’t know what it is about neutral colors (most of the clothes I own is black and gray) but I love them.

Bralette from Victoria’s Secret: I am a bit obsessed with bralettes and since I can’t get away with wearing them in public (I need the support of a real bra) I like to wear them any chance I get when I’m home. This is my favorite one because it’s so pretty! I’m not really a cheetah-print type of girl, but I loved this as soon as I saw it. This bralette has underwire on the side for added support while still being very comfortable. I don’t even notice the underwire.

Planner from Ban.Do: I’m not the most organized person, but I do love writing things down. Online calendars and notes on my phones do nothing for me. I like actually writing things down (even though my handwriting is terrible and most of the time I don’t understand what I write) because it makes it easier for me to remember and vizualize things. I’ve been really getting into the habit of planning out my blog posts for the week on my planner, which is especially helpful since I have two blogs and it helps make sure my co-blogger and I don’t plan stuff for the same day. Plus, this planner is just freaking adorable!

Notebook or Journal: In addition to my planner, I always need to have something to write notes on or my lists. I love notebooks, especially pretty ones and have about 10 of them at any given time. I even have a mini notebook for my purse. I really like this spiral notepad that I’ve been using lately, found it at the dollar section at Target.

Lip Balm: I need to have lip balm on me or around me at all times. I have one for my room, for my car, for my purse, one to keep downstairs in my kitchen and one that stays on my desk at all times.

Headphones: My headphones are another one of those things that I like to always have with me. I use them a lot when I blog to either listen to music or audiobook or even YouTube videos. Of course, I had to get the pink ones.

That’s it for my blogging essentials, what do you usually blog in? What are some of your favorite must have essentials for blogging?


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