Yes! We’re Adopting A Dog – Here’s My Research Findings On Best Dog Breeds

My Research Findings On Best Dog Breeds

My Research Findings On Best Dog Breeds

Dog – the most loyal friend you will find. Unlike most other animals, they are not just cute, cuddly but they love coming along for an adventure. I always wanted to have a pet dog of my own. Finally, me and my husband decided to adopt one next week. Before that, I have done an extensive research on different dog breeds. In this article, I will share my research findings with you.

As you know, I run everyday. But, sometimes I just feel bore to go out for a run alone. So, I thought It will be a great idea to have a dog accompanying me for running. They are low maintenance animals who never really get tired so it is best to take a dog along when you are off for running.

However, not every dog is appropriate for running along. Some may be less energetic, not obedient or high maintenance. The dogs that are specially built for the very purpose of running have exceptional traits. Different breeds are suitable for running in different areas. Let us now have a look at the best dog breeds for running in various conditions.

Dog Breeds for running Long Distances on Road:

When it is about longer miles and consistent running on roads and streets, the dogs with greater stamina and good speed are appropriate. The build is such that helps them run for long distances without getting tired of some good supply of water though.

The breeds under this category include German shepherd, Siberian husky, an Australian shepherd, Golden retriever, Rhodesian ridgeback, German short-haired pointer and Sheprador.

The German shepherd

The German Shepherd has a muscular build and strong legs for active, long-distance running. They are suitable for cold weather as they have a thick coat. They outreach places, move fast and jump long and can easily cover up to 10 miles tirelessly.

Siberian husky

The Siberian Husky is best for cold climate. However, if acclimatized to normal weather conditions and ample supply of water, they tend to be best running partners for distances longer than you can imagine! They are known to run as far as 130 miles, therefore used in the annual 131-mile Iditarod race.

Australian shepherds

Australian Shepherds are supple and graceful and run miles without looking tired. They have an effortless stride and are used to exercise and long challenging runs so much that they themselves drag owners when they tend to miss running. They are very easy to train and adapt to owner’s pace and style very quickly.

Golden retrievers

Golden Retrievers are cute tiny pups and normally thought to be kept home for playful activities. However, they possess strong legs for long distance running and tend to follow anything that moves. This helps runners to take them for running even in busy streets where they never fail to keep track of the owner whatever pace they are running at.

Rhodesian ridgeback is good for long runs in warm weather conditions as it has a thin coat and tough build. They are specially bred for chasing and hunting but are also cuddly and friendly to accompany runners.

German short-haired pointers have just the right body and stamina for running. They are good for warm climates as they easily release heat from thin coat parts of the body. They are very sporty and tend to run for a good distance with the runner.

Sheprador Another hybrid of two excellent breeds German shepherd and Labrador mix, Sheprador, is perfect for running miles! This is a lab mix possessing qualities of both the parent breeds. They are excellent for long active running as they are meant to exercise for hours and become destructive when not taken out for running. These are for runners who are extremely energetic and run for hours.

Dog Breeds for running Long Distances off Road:

running with dogs

There are special breeds of dogs that are suitable for off-road long distance running. These pups are a man’s best friend for wild and rough runs whatever the harsh surroundings. However, some training is required to prevent them from catchy wildlife endeavors. If not, they have to be leashed in order to keep them controlled.

The best dog breeds for off-road running include Weimaraner, Vizsla, Brittany and Border collie.


With excellent lung capacities and great stamina to run miles off road, Weimaraners are a good choice to take off rough running. They are restless and energetic and their longs legs and build are best suited for the purpose.


Vizslas are all-rounder dogs that easily adapt to various landforms for high speed running. They can jump as high as six feet and are excellent partners for adventurous energetic runners.

Brittany Dogs

These dogs are the breed which has strong feet and tend to run sturdily on uneven landscapes with no difficulty at all. They have rough bodies and are not easily rugged by sticks or twigs.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is an extremely responsive dog that adapts to various conditions and tends to adjust speed and change directions very efficiently. They are suitable for running in open fields.

Dog Breeds for running with Fast Runners:

Some special breeds of dogs are impeccable for fast runners. They are not very well suited for long distances but are surely the best breeds to run at incredible speeds on short distances. However, they need to be trained on pavements before they can get used to the surface especially in warm climates.

The best fleet-footed dogs for fast running include Labrador retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Airedale Terrier and Chesapeake Bay retriever.

Labrador retrievers

Labs are good for short distance fast running. They are good to be kept for playful activities and little runs in the neighborhood.

Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russel’s are a medium-sized dog that has tough legs and runs pretty fast but very few meters. It tends to catch up to fights with other dogs and need to be taken care of.

Staffordshire terrier

The fearless energetic American Staffordshire terrier is excellent for temp runs within six miles. They are perfect for accompanying fast runners as they do not lose focus easily.

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier has long legs and thin coat to help them run with big strides even in warm climates. They are best to run fast within ten kilometers.

Chesapeake Bay retrievers

These dogs are good with water and best to run on beaches with runners. They are good family dogs once they are trained. These low maintenance dogs are friendly and catch up their owners at any pace.

Final Words

Above all, the breeds mentioned above are made for running. Now which running you want them to carry out with you, off road or on road, fast and short distance or consistent long distance running, will help you decide which breed you should buy. Similar breeds may suit you too but these are the best among the rest for each category mentioned above. Hope this was helpful. You must try running with them in races to test your running too.

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