My Lipstick Collection #NationalLipstickDay:

Since it’s #NationalLipstickDay, I thought I would share my collection of lip products today. Now, I definitely don’t have a big ass lip collection, but I do have a few products that I really love. So here is my collection of lipsticks/lip balms/lip glosses/etc.

My Lip Products

Loreal LaLacque Lip Pen – Choco-Lacque($10): This is a recent purchase from Target and I love that I could use it as a lip liner or lipstick. This is pinker than I was hoping, but the color is still lovely.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Liquid Lipstick – Melted Peony & Melted Fushia ($21 each): I have been dying to try these and my siter gave these to me last week. I really like the formula and how it feels on my lips and the color is soooo pigmented. I tried it out for the first time (in Melted Peony) and it stayed on even after I tried scrubbing it off. The Melted Fushia is a bit too ‘hot pink’ for me. It’s a gorgeous color but I’m just not used to wearing funner colors like this.

Nyx Butter Lipstick – Pops ($6): I got this from one of my first Ipsy Glam Bags (back when they had more full sized products) and I really like it. The color is more of a brown/nude/pink which goes well with my skin color and it feels really smooth… like butter.

Nyx Extra Creamy Lipstick – Thalia ($4): I have been looking for this exact shade for a while now and I’m so glad I finally found it. And it was only $4, ganga! The color on the website is more of a lilac color which doesn’t look like that in real life. I would say it’s more of a mauve/grayish color. It’s hard to describe but it’s my favorite of all my lip products. And it’s so freaking creamy and stays on for a long time.

Revlon ColorBurst MatteBalm – Sultry ($8): This was an impulse buy a few weeks ago, while looking for that shade I was on the hunt for. It’s definitely more of a berry color instead of a mauve but it’s a very pretty color. It’s very pigmented and lasts for hours and goes on smooth, especially for a matte lip product. I don’t use this one much but it’s very pretty.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm – Rose ($23): Yikes, this is the most expensive lip product I’ve ever had and it’s the first higher priced beuty item I bought. I have this obsession with tinted lip balms and have been wanting this for months! This was so worth the money. I use it for lipstick all the time as it has a pretty rose tint to it, and it feels amazing on my lips!

Loreal Colour Riche Lip Liner – Eternal Mauve ($8): I’m not kidding when I said I had been looking for that mauve color. This was a purchase because of thet search. I like this okay but don’t use it much.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss – Super Natural ($8): I love this lip gloss! It’s the perfect light pink/nude color and I love carrying this around in my purse to use on the go. It’s such a flattering color. Another one of my favorites.

Loreal Infallible LeRouge -Unending Kiss & Tender Berry ($8 each): Another impulse buy at Target, I love these but I use Unending Kiss even more. It’s a pretty mauve color but has more pinkish undertones than what I was looking for. It’s still a great color and I use it a lot. The Tender Berry color is also very pretty but I don’t use it much because it is out of my comfort zone. These are really creamy and smooth but dry to a bit of a matte (but not the gross kind) and the color stays on for hours.

BH Cosmetics Ultimate Lips – 28 Lip Color Palette ($10): I am in LOVE with this! I bought this because of Shaaanxo’s review of it. These aren’t those sheer and cheap lip colors you normally see in palettes. These are real lipsticks that are super creamy and so pigmented. The color stays on almost all day. I get to experiment with all these fun colors and it was only $10! Tip: use a lip brush to put these on your lips.

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