New Favorite Beauty Finds: ModelCo Blush & Luxie Face Brush

I’m a member of the Ipsy subscription plan, I wasn’t sure I would like it because I’m not crazy about makeup. I wear some, but just a few basics. I didn’t want to get all these different tubes of mascara or foundations and concealers if I don’t wear any. Luckily, with their beauty personality quiz, they do a damn good job at matching you with items you like/use. One of my beauty must haves it blush. I am very pale and I need a little color in my cheeks so that I don’t look like I’m sick. I normally use whatever store brand kind I like at that time, but I really love this blush and face brush products that I received in my Ipsy bag last month. The blush color has a light but natural rose tint that goes well with my skin color and the brush is a good, higher quality brush. Plus, it’s pink and pretty so that’s always a bonus!

Do you Ipsy?

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