Non-Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

I remember when I was little I used to love Valentine’s Day. I’m hispanic and for us, Valentine’s Day was more about love and friendship instead of relationships. In Spanish, Valentine’s Day is called Dia de Amor y Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship). My mom was always my Valentine’s growing up, she always got me and my sister a flower, some balloons, a stuffed animal and some candy and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever! She even used to take it to us to school, and not gonna lie, I felt like a bad ass. She did this for us up until a few years ago (I’ll be 30 in three months) and it’s always one of my favorite memories of this holiday.

Now that I’m in a loooong-term relationship, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional ‘go out on a date/dinner/ and buy gifts/flowers’ for each other. Instead, I like celebrate it for my kids. Getting them little gifts and candy for their friends is something that makes me happy and now their nana buys them a little gift like she did for us. Most years, my sister makes cupcakes and cookies and treats and we all go to her house to let all the kids (my two and her four) decorate them. If you aren’t into traditional Valentine’s Day dates, here’s a few other ideas you can try.

Non-Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Take a family weekend trip:

Instead of a dinner date or weekend getaway, you can take advantage and go with your family on a mini-family vacation. I love taking mini-vacations, so much cheaper and you don’t have to miss work/school for your kids and you still come back with that relaxed feeling.

Host a sleepover for your kid’s friends:

My kids love to have sleepovers at our house. They must ask me every single weekend if their cousins or friends can sleep over and I cave 1 or two of those weeks. Sometimes I paint their nails, let them put a little makeup, comb their hair and let them play dress up or ‘fashion show. This would be especially helpful if you son’t like going out on Valentine’s but know other parents who do want to go out.

Have a dessert decorating day with your kids/friends:

This is what we did last year for Valentine’s. My sister baked a lot of cupcakes, cookies and rice crispy treats and set up a ‘decorating’ table for the kids with frosting and sprinkles and so much candy for them to decorate their sweets with. The kids had a blast, made sweets to give to us and their friends and crashed early after the sugar high went down.

Have a girls night out:

It doesn’t matter if you are single or not, or if you’re friends are single, you can plan a fun girls night out either way. Eating, shopping and maybe some spa time, getting your nails or hair done or even a long trip to Sephora or Ulta with your friends can make for a fun day. You can even set an at-home spa and give each other makeovers. This can also be done with your sisters, cousins and your mom.

Outdoor camping:

My family loves camping and we don’t always get a chance to go out to drive a few hours to camp. Luckily, I live in sunny Arizona where the weather is nice most of the year. A lot of time (especially before Summer so it’s not too hot), we set up a few tents in our backyard, make a fire and listen to music all night, eat smores and make camp-like food like burgers or hot dogs. My kids love doing this and I love that I can go inside at any time to use an actual clean restroom. Although, other than the restroom, we do try to stay outdoors.

Netflix Binge:

Never underestimate the relaxation of a a good Netflix or movie binging session. Staying home and watching movies with my family is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. Most of the time it’s Disney movies, which is fine by me, but sometimes we binge on a series like the Harry Potter movies or all the Star Wars movies. Staying in bed for hours, in my comfy pajamas and eating popcorn and snacks? Does it get any better??

What other non-date Valentine’s Day ideas do you have? Are you a going out type of Valentine’s person, or is staying in your favorite way to spend this day? Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!


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