Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

I think I’ve featured enough Nyx Cosmetics products for you to know that I really love their products. I’ve had this highlight & contour palette for almost a year now and I realized I’ve never done a review on it, even though I’ve featured it and talked about it in other posts. I’m not a pro at contouring, and I mostly use this just to warm up my skin and add some definition. This was one of the first contour products I ever used and one of the priciest products I own from Nyx (everything else I have is under $10).

My Thoughts: This is such a nice and sleek palette! I love how sturdy the palette is and that you can remove the highlight and contour pans and refill them or replace them with another color they sell as singles (like a blush or even a different contour color) so you can customize it. Although I really like this palette, I don’t get to use it as much as I’d like because I feel like the contour shades on the bottom row are too dark and too warm for me (I prefer cool or neutral tones). Out of the contour shades, the only one I use is the first shade on the left, the lightest shade. Luckily, these colors can also be used as bronzer or even eyeshadow.

Out of the highlight shades on the top row, I really loved the actual highlight shade with shimmer in it. It was a nice soft white highlight with just the right amount of shimmer. The other shades I used as a setting or finishing powder when I would wear foundation or if my nose or forehead for shiny. The yellowish banana shade is great to set your under eyes if you wear concealer. I think this palette fits a wide range of skin tones but would have loved if they had an even mix of cool, neutral and warm tones like the Kat Von D palette does.

If you prefer warmer undertones and you are looking for a high quality and affordable highlight and contour palette, then this would be perfect for you. I would love to replace some of the darker shades I don’t use with blushes or a lighter contour color like Sienna, then this palette would really have it all: highlight, contour and blush! This would also make a great travel palette and I really like that you can keep reusing the palette by replacing the pans. Even though this wasn’t my favorite because it didn’t exactly go with my really fair skin, I think this is one of the better products from Nyx.

Have you tried this contour palette yet? What are your favorite contour palettes?

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