October Goals

I didn’t do so bad with my August goals (life was crazy in September so I didn’t even have a chance to set any goals). I still have a few goals to meet, but I knew those were goals that I would need to work on more long-term. Unfortunately, September’s crazy renovations and being sick with the flu and super busy on top of everything, I ended up getting behind on work stuff, which is never fun. I’ve slowly been catching up on emails and work and I hope to be fully caught up by this weekend. Here are a few of my goals for October:

October Goals:

Catch up on all work related projects, current and overdue – This is a big one, one that I must get a handle on. I’m determined to catch up on everything very soon.

Find a better system to categorize emails – Between work related emails, personal emails and blog emails, not to mention all that lovely spam, I need to find a new program or system to organize and keep track of my emails.

Keep my house clean and keep up on chores – Last month, my house was kind of a disaster what with all the renovation disasters going on in my house, specifically in my kitchen and my loft/office/book room. I had no kitchen and a hole in my loft so it was pretty useless to even bother with chores, but now that everything is back to normal, I really want to set a cleaning schedule. Like clean my kitchen one day, so laundry another, vacuum another day, blah blah blah. I hate cleaning, but my audiobooks make it go by faster and more pleasantly. As pleasant as cleaning can be anyway.

Work out/walk – I was actually doing good on this one is August and some of September, before I got sick. I would go to the gym on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the baby I take care of came later in the morning, and the other weekdays I would take him with me to walk around the lake a few times. It was really nice as a good de-stresser so I want to get back to it.

Finish my book room – One of the things I insisted on when I bought my house was a room for all my books. I have almost 700 of them so I needed somewhere to fit big bookcases and a desk since it doubles as my office… and a vanity and chaise since it triples as my loft and where I spend most of my day. I recently painted my book room (hot pink and gray) and I’m still adding some finishing touches, like adding a chandelier and some frames and wall decorations. I hope to finish by the end of October.

Find/make more time to do ‘me’ stuff – Sometimes, life gets so busy that I forget to make time to do any ‘me’ time activities, like reading, watching netflix, or even sketching.

Set a daily schedule – this was another goal from August that I failed miserably at. With so many people in and out of my house (and all those home depot trips), any chance of setting or keeping a schedule went out the window. I really want to work on this.

I didn’t do so bad with my last goals. I have posts up regularly on both my blogs, I’m working on improving my blog photos, I get ready early in the morning and I finally know how to work SEO. Not bad.

What are some of your goals for October?

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