Project DIY Halloween Costume Kick-Off!

I have a weird relationship with Halloween. On one hand, I’ve only dressed up twice in my life, once in 2nd grade and another time about 3 years ago. On the other hand, I really love seeing my kids and my nieces and nephews dressed up and seeing how creative some people can come up with their costume idea. But then again, seeing costumes like ‘sexy Donald Trump’ or ‘sexy Chucky’ make my poor brain hurt…

The one time I dressed up as an adult (I was a Mad Hatter), my costume ended up costing about $70. Yikes! I don’t mind splurging on good clothes once in a while, but blowing that kind of money on a cheap polyester outfit that I used once and has been hanging at the back of my closet made me not want to buy a store costume again.

Last year, I put together a few DIY grown up friendly Halloween costumes that are budget friendly. The best part is that most pieces can be found in your closet (or a thrift store) and you can wear most of the pieces again. I’ve already started to put together some outfits for some more Halloween DIY costumes to feature this month. I’m looking for ideas and/or requests from you guys from movies, tv shows, books, etc. So if you have an idea for a costume idea you would like to see, please let me know!

Here are a few costume ideas that I featured last year:

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