Recommend Me Something (1): Best Hair Products

I tried this out in my book blog, let my readers know what kind of book I was looking for/in the mood for and asked them to recommend me their favorites. I figured I would give it a shot here. As far as my hair goes, I just use normal drugstore products for it. I like the ‘clear’ ones or the ones that aren’t too heavy on fragrance and all that other stuff that just weighs my hair down. I like the Pantene Pro-V Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner because it leaves my hair feeling pretty weightless.

I haven’t really tried any high end or salon hair products before because I’m kind of overwhelmed by the options. But this is something I don’t mind investing money on. I go through times when I’m really stressed where my hair starts to fall off a lot (I’m talking huge clumps where you can actually start seeing a lot of my scalp). I’m looking for something for my hair that will help it grow and make it stronger. I have tried the It’s a 10 leave in treatments (love them), but that’s pretty much it. I have curly/wavy dry/damaged hair, if that helps. Let me know some of your favorite hair products below! Bonus points if you have any recs for weightless/soft/bouncy waves. 🙂

The recs could be from the drugstore, salon products, high end products, or even natural or DIY.


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