Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

When you’re budget conscious and working with a small space, creating a stylish bedroom that works for you can be a challenge. Thankfully, with the trend for small-space living and more buyers than ever looking for affordable, on-trend decor, there might be more options than you think.

For maximum style and space on a dime, using a few simple decorating concepts can help you get a designer look that’s also practical for your situation. The first step to a beautiful bedroom is simply being aware of your unique constraints.

Know Your Budget

Research Prices

The best way to start an affordable decorating project is to realistically set your limits. Start by checking out prices at several tiers of furniture stores from high-end to economy. This is a great way to find out what you might reasonably expect to pay for the pieces or styles you want.

In particular, comparing prices online has some benefits for bargain seekers. It’s a lot easier to keep a few tabs open than to drive between stores. Some websites, like, even have sales finders to help you locate deals in your area. Keep an eye out for these handy resources as you gather information.

Create a Spending Plan

Next, it’s time to make a budget. Armed with a good idea of current furniture prices, take a look at how much you have to spend on this project. Make sure to allocate more funds to larger pieces, such as a bed or dresser, that will last for years and won’t soon go out of style.

Determine the Layout

Making the most of useable space is crucial when designing a small bedroom. To get a better idea of size limitations, take measurements of the room and check the dimensions of any pieces you consider buying. If you have trouble visualizing the final look, try creating tape outlines on the floor. This will let you know how much space each item needs to plan the flow of the room.

Think Vertically

Smaller rooms require furniture with a limited footprint, so include every part of the bedroom in the planning stages, including vertical space. For example, add floating shelves or a mounted bookshelf to the wall to gain extra storage that doesn’t clutter your floor.

Why It’s Good for Your Wallet

Developing a design plan also aids in staying on task and under budget. Rather than trying to fit in new furniture when it arrives, start with the available space in mind and look for pieces that meet your needs instead. This will make sure you don’t spend time and money on returns when something doesn’t fit through the door.

Balance Expense and Quality

When you’re finally ready to make a purchase, the next hurdle is finding the sweet spot between durability and a low price tag. This decision comes down to knowing a little bit about common materials.

Helpful Terms for Buying Wood Furniture

Pieces made from oak, maple, walnut, and other hardwoods are beautiful and built to last. While they exude quality and luxury, they are also expensive and rather heavy. Shoppers on a budget may want to look for deals on these heirloom pieces in antique malls or garage sales.

On the other hand, plywood, chipboard, and particle board are made with price in mind. These pieces are lightweight and budget-friendly, though they are also more likely to show wear over time. Consider how you’ll use each piece to decide whether something inexpensive will work.

Wood solids present a middle ground. These pieces, often made from softer, lighter woods like pine, are sturdier than particle board but not as long-lasting as hardwood. Furniture made from wood solids often has veneers, or thin layers of a more expensive wood, glued to the surface to create a rich look at a lower price point.

Find Sleep Solutions

Size Down

A large bed is not only a serious investment, but it can easily overwhelm a small room. While you may be in love with the idea of a king bed, a twin- or full-size model will actually make the room feel more spacious. For the truly tiny studio apartment, other options might fit your needs even better.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Ideal for one-room apartments and limited budgets, beds that can double as a couch save space and money. Futons come with light wood or metal frames and a mattress on top. Most have a folding mechanism to transform into seating for two. Since not all futons are created equal, be sure to test it out in person before you take the plunge.

Sleeper sofas with a concealed, fold-out mattress are an even easier way to double up on seating and a bed. Completely transform your space by tucking away the bed to reveal a classic, cozy sofa.

Leave Room for a Desk

Students and young professionals are often the most likely to find themselves furnishing a small bedroom on a budget. People in both of these groups often want to include a study space in their bedroom, which means finding a place for yet another piece of furniture.

A Practical Workspace

There are plenty of ways to fit a desk into your small bedroom. Corner desks are perfectly shaped to move into any unused nook, and these models typically cost less than a standard desk. In general, open, minimal styles will make your room look less crowded.

Those even tighter on space can create a smart workspace by thinking outside the box. Try using a table with folding leaves as a desk. Simply fold down the table surface when not in use to make the area available for other things and keep your room clutter-free.

Storage on the Cheap

When space is hard to come by, finding clever ways to store all your clothes and accessories is a must. Nothing will make your room look and feel larger faster than cutting clutter. For tiny living spaces, there are plenty of budget-friendly choices.


If closet space is at a premium, an over-the-door hanging shelf is an affordable solution for towels or jackets. Hanging organizers also provide an extra place for clothing or shoes in small bedrooms. If you still have under-the-bed space available, a low-profile storage bin is easy to fill up and slide out of sight.


As always in a small room, the first question to ask is, can it multi-task? Dressers with enough surface space can serve as a TV stand to eliminate another piece of furniture. For a makeshift vanity, just lean or hang a mirror on the wall above.

If you would rather have more flexibility with your layout, a rolling dresser is a great substitute. Unlike stationary furniture, this option allows you to make extra room on the fly. Simply move it out of sight when needed.

Learning to Love Your Small Space

While decorating a small bedroom on a budget might feel limiting, it can actually be a fun challenge. Finding creative ways to maximize space is both satisfying and practical. More importantly, it allows you to design something functional, stylish, and completely your own.

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