The Health Benefits of Organic Clothing

The Health Benefits of Organic Clothing

The Health Benefits of Organic Clothing

We have been trying to make the world a better place for quite some time now. Not only do we fight for all sorts of equality, but we’re also trying to find ways to preserve all the resources that we have left, as if we continue like this, we’ll have nothing left to give to our descendants.

One way of becoming green is opting for organic clothing, which not a lot of people know what is. Namely, this is clothing made out of materials that are in compliance with organic agricultural standards, and which can later on be recycled and reused. However, this fact should not be the only reason for you to switch to organic clothing, as this option has many health benefits for you as well. So, how can we kill two birds with one stone and help the environment while still helping our own bodies?

1. Say no to chemicals

Bamboo and hemp, the plants that most of the organic clothing is made out of, are special in many ways which should definitely encourage everyone to switch to this type of clothing. Namely, all these plants are extremely resistant, meaning that they require no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides to help them grow.

You can take cotton for example – even though there’s no reason for doing so, this is one of the most sprayed plants in the world at the moment, and if you add the fact that companies use artificial coloring to make colorful pieces of clothing, it certainly makes it a fabric that’s not exactly quite healthy, doesn’t it?

So if you want to opt for something made of cotton, make sure that it’s organic. This is why organic clothing is sustainable – and it definitely affects your health as well. Not being close to any harmful substances can do wonders for your health and your skin.

2. Natural antibacterial fabric

Bamboo, for example, is an excellent choice to use for clothing. Not only because it’s free of any pesticides or herbicides, but because of its other benefits as well. One such is thanks to its natural antibacterial agent, also known as “bamboo kun”.

This is what doesn’t let any bacteria live in bamboo, which means that this type of fabric is always naturally antibacterial. This is especially important for your underwear, for example, so choosing g string made out of bamboo is definitely something that will keep you way healthier than regular underwear does. Of course, not only is this important for your underwear, but you should also consider having more clothing items like this.

3. Tired of your clothes not absorbing water or moisture?

Then this is another reason why you should shift to organic clothing. If you’re tired of your clothes showing how nervous or hot you are, then you are looking at the right substitution. Organic clothing is sweat-free due to the fact that they absorb moisture and sweat very easily.

The plant that does this the best is bamboo, thanks to a cross-section of the bamboo fiber which is filled with micro-holes that allow bamboo to have this ability. However, linen is great here as well. Linen can absorb and release water very quickly, which means that not only does it not show any signs of sweat or moisture, but it becomes more and more comfortable and softer with every wash.

4. You don’t have to pay attention to the weather outside

Even though it might sound impossible, there are different types of fabric that will regulate your temperature. What does it mean? It means that these items can be worn both in spring and autumn, or winter and summer. Plants that are used for organic clothing have thermo-control qualities, which means that it keeps the body hot when it’s cold, and vice versa.

5. The feel-good factor

Even though many of you would say that the fact that this type of clothing feels good on your skin doesn’t have any health benefits – let’s disagree. Having comfortable clothing and feeling comfortable at all times, for that matter, really does affect your mood during the day, which can furthermore result in lower chances of depression or headache. It is always important to wear clothes that are soft, durable and that feel good to the skin, and everything made of organic materials fits into this category.

It doesn’t mean that you can be fashionable if you’re wearing only clothes that are extremely popular. All of the organic clothes can be matched with everything and are made in such a way that they are always trendy. After all, does it really matter to be fashionable? Or is keeping our planet and ourselves healthy the main priority?

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