The Importance of ‘Me Time’

With so much going on in everyday life, whether you’re a mom, working full-time, a stay at home mom, working from home, in high school, in college or a combination of all the above, it’s so easy to lose track of time and yourself with all the craziness going on. This year has been especially busy for me, and I thought that things would slow down now that both my girls are in school, but somehow things got more hectic.

Things I like doing just for ‘me time’ can be as simple as taking a long hot shower or watching a favorite show. But sometimes, with the rush of everything you have to do, you don’t end up doing any of the things you want to do. I think it’s so important to make time for yourself, no matter what you have going on and I try to make it a point to do at least one ‘me time’ thing every day. Here are a few of my favorite ‘me time’ pastimes and a few tips on how to make time for them.

My Favorite ‘Me Time’ Activities

Reading – Reading is a big part of my life. I’ve had a book blog for almost 4 years now and I have a ‘book room’ with almost 700 physical books and I’m scared to find out how many ebooks I have on my kindle. I love reading and listening to audiobooks, books are an escape for me. This past year has been hard for me to make time and concentrate on reading. I went from reading 3-4 books a week to reading one book a week. I miss reading. I miss the thrill of a good book and the way it just unwinds my mind. I really need to find a way to fit in more reading time in my busy day. I’ve been trying to read a little bit before they bring over the baby I take care of, but with school, that’s no longer an option so I need to find something else that works.

Netflixing – There’s something so damn relaxing about being able to sit down for a few hours and just binge the shit out of your favorite TV shows. I love it! I’m currently halfway through season 3 of Alias and I have so many more shows on my list to watch on Netflix. Even watching a movie on here is just so weirdly satisfying.

Watching TV – There are about 4 tv shows I watch right now (Arrow, The Flash, The 100 and Once Upon a Time) and a few other new shows I want to start watching this Fall. There were times when I was so busy that I would skip a show only to not find time to catch up before the new show aired and the next thing I knew, I was behind half a season. I made it a point to set aside some time to watch my show either the day it premieres, or the morning after. This also minimizes the risk of spoilers.

Sketching – I’m not a very good drawer… artist? But I do love drawing/sketching/designing clothes. Since I stopped working, I really miss the creative outlet I had for this and I want to get back to it. I do a few sketches here and there, but not as much as I would like to. I bought a ‘sketch a day’ journal from Typo and it motivates me to draw more, even if it’s just a silly sketch.

Blogging – Sometimes, life gets so stressy that I just lose the desire to blog. I’ve taking a few weeks every once in a while, which really helps. But most days, by the time I finish writing a post on one blog and doing normal every day things, I just don’t feeling like writing another post for my other blog. I really need to get in the habit of writing posts ahead of time and scheduling them.

Makeup/Getting Ready – I don’t care what anyone says, putting on my makeup and getting ready somehow soothes me. Sometimes I even put on my makeup late at night just because I feel like it. Even if I’m not going anywhere, I just like the process of it and learning new tricks.

Taking a long shower – Long and hot showers are my favorite part of the day! Sometimes, I take them early in the morning, and other times in the afternoon. I’ve often showered late late at night because there is nothing more relaxing than sleeping after a hot shower. Sometimes I have to do something by a certain time (like picking up my kids from school) and I have to settle for a short shower, but most days, I set enough time for a long shower and it feels great.

Going to Target – Oh Target, how I love you! I don’t know what it is about Target, but I love going there. I love going by myself even more. Sometimes, I get tired of being home all day and I’ll make a quick Target run by myself and I can pretty much feel the stress melting away. It’s so silly but I just love going to see/buy makeup, look at the clothes, the books, the snacks, and pretty much everything else they have. Tuesdays are my Target days and I rarely miss out on them.

What are your favorite ‘me time’ pastimes? How do you make time for them in your busy life?

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