Things That Made Me Happy (12)

I had a fun week and hope everyone else did too! I’m still enjoying my time alone although I do get a little bit bored. I’ve been watching some more tv shows and movies, which I don’t really do. I’m also really excited that this week is finally the last week of school for my girls even though this week is full of activities for both of them. Since they go to different schools, even though they are right next to each other, I’m trying to figure out a way to make it to both of my daughters events on all days. I’m sure I’ll figure it out even if it involves a lot of back and forth. Their last day of school actually lands on my birthday this week so I’m hoping I don’t have to drive around too much that day. I took a bit of a blogging break on both blogs last week, which was a really nice break.

Things That Made Me Happy:

* I got some more makeup freebies from Sephora, including two mini Ink Liners from Kat Von D, a mini Flowerbomb perfume, and a mini Buxom Lip Cream. Yay for free makeup!

* I got to celebrate Mother’s Day twice on Tuesday (hispanic mother’s day) since my boyfriend took me out for lunch and then my parents took my sister and I to dinner. Both places happened to be two of my favorite restaurants, so that was an extra bonus.

* I cleaned my girls room last week, like a really deep clean, and took out soooo many toys and old clothes that they either don’t use anymore or that doesn’t fit them.

* We finally got our passports! It was kind of a pain in the ass to get the whole process done, but I’m glad we finally have them ready for our vacation this summer.

* I went bra shopping yesterday and actually found two really great bras. Bra shopping is never fun because bras are so freaking expensive. I can never seem to find any good fitting bras at any other place other than Victoria’s Secret, and those are always so pricey. I originally went in hoping to find a good strapless bra and found two amazing bras, a strapless one and a lightly lined one that is so comfortable. The cashier ended up forgetting to charge me for one of the bras (even though she took off the sensor off both) so that was even better!

* I wanted to buy a body spray from Victoria’s Secret too and they had a great sale on any two lotions, body sprays, mists or body oils for $10. Since they each usually cost $18, this was such an amazing deal I ended up getting 4.

* My runs have been going great, I was able to run a full mile without stopping last week, although I felt like I wanted to die after. I think I hurt my ankles because they are so sore right now but I’m determined to keep at it this week.

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