Things That Made Me Happy 17

I had such a fun, fun week! Although it’s been super hot here in Arizona, (it was 117 degrees yesterday and it’s over 100 degrees around midnight) it’s been great. I think since I was born here, I’m so used to the weather by now and I do have to say that I’ve been loving wearing shorts and tank tops and having my hair in a messy bun. We know how to survive the hot weather by now: go to the pool as much as possible and stay indoors the other times. ? This is probably my favorite summer so far and although I won’t miss the insane weather, I will miss the long summer days and cookouts. Hope everyone else had a great week too!

Things That Made Me Happy:

* I ate terrible last week and it was great! I’ve been focusing so much on eating healthy the past year and as good as it makes me feel to eat healthy and to see the progress, sometimes, it’s just nice to have a few cheat days or in my case a cheat week.

* My sister, her kids and my kids and I went to my parents yesterday and just spent the day with them for father’s day and it was nice. I always like hanging out at their house and my kids love going because he has chickens and roosters and baby chicks… and a goat.

* I bought my boyfriend concert tickets for his favorite singer and we both went Friday night. He didn’t end up coming out until 1am and there was so many people and a crazy fight broke out between two girls, but it was still fun. We ended up sneaking into the VIP section and we were so close! We also caught most of the concert (and the fight) on the GoPro and re-watched it the next day.

* Saturdays have been lazy days for us lately and I love them. Since we got home very late the night before, we ended up sleeping in until 1am the next day, then we went to go eat burgers for a late breakfast, we saw Finding Dory (which was amazing), came back home and slept for another 2 hours. Good day.

* Since we slept so much most of Saturday, we weren’t sleepy at all by night-time. I started cleaning at 10pm and I ended up washing and cleaning my bedroom and my book room and I forgot how much I liked cleaning in the middle of the night. I ended up finishing like at 1am.

* Less than 2 weeks until vacation!

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